Treat Vegan: Treats For A Peckish Afternoon
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Lizzo Said to Her 8.8M followers on TikTok: "Being A Vegan is Easy!"
Lebanese Vegan Activist Takes Action to Help the Victims of Explosion in Beirut
August, 15th 2020
Top 10 Must Visit Vegan Restaurants in London
Planning your first visit to London as a vegan? You’ll be glad to know that the Big Smoke is one of the world’s leading hotspots for top-notch vegan cuisine, with exciting new vegan restaurants and market stalls opening ...
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The Game Changers: A Revolutionary Documentary or Plant-Powered Propaganda?
Produced by James Cameron and narrated by former MMA fighter James Wilks, this hard-hitting documentary attempts to highlight the benefits of a vegan diet by showcasing athletes at the top of their game excelling without meat and animal by-products in ...
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9 Instagram Vegan Accounts To Follow For Daily Food Inspiration
The number of people adopting a plant-based diet has increased rapidly. Thank you for the movement, such as Veganuary and 21HariVeg, which has inspired more people to go vegan. While it is so much easier to be vegan now than ever, sometimes there are times when we feel stuck and uninspired with what to eat for lunch or dinner. ?If you are undertaking these challenges or already committed to eating more plant-based food this year as part of ...
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Bangkok Hosts Its First Sustainable and Vegan Market
Root The Future, Bangkok-based vegan media, hosts the first sustainable and vegan market in the country known for its vibrant street food. Collaborated with Union Space, the market was created to change consumer behavior towards sustainability by providing the local ...
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The Problems with Wild Animals as Pets
Wild animals as pets have always been seen as some sort of status symbol; being able to dominate and tame animals who are supposed to be living in the wild. These animals are stripped of their naturally wild attributes and ...
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A Shift from Infectious Disease to Non-Communicable Diseases
The trend of diseases and death rates today shifted from infectious diseases to non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Back in the day, ...
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Americans Don't Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables; Neither Do Indonesians!
How many people have realized the importance of eating fruits and vegetables? Possibly, many. But how many people are actually ...
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Highlighting All Sustainable and Vegan Friendly Products
Natural Wash Co. Keeping Your Home and Earth Clean
Sustainable fashion is vital in adopting a more zero-waste lifestyle, but many people lose sight of its cleaning detergent, one ...
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Sano Living: Brings Nature to the Bathroom
Taking a shower sounds relaxing, comforting, and not at all harmful, but what if, it actually could be? Too ...
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