Piring Sayur, Senopati Newest Plant-based Eatery
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Up To 60 Tonnes of Trash Once Again Covering Bali Beaches: An Annual Phenomenon That Keeps Getting Worse
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Veganism In Jakarta, A Year In Review!
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January, 16th 2021
Soybean Price Risen: Tofu and Tempeh Was Missing From The Market
One of the many things we can be proud of being a vegan in Indonesia is the large selection of plant-based proteins that we can easily get at low prices. As a mainstay source of vegan protein, tofu and the ...
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Brightspot Market Virtual City 2020 Goes Plant-Based
The pandemic has brought drastic changes that force us to adapt to current circumstances. New Normal is one way to continue activities by prioritizing the safety and health of others. Some things such as always wearing masks, maintaining distance, limiting ...
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9 Game-Changing Vegan Chefs You Need To Know
Being plant-based in the olden days was not as easy as today as there were not so many companies and restaurants offering plant-based options. But, thanks to these game-changing vegan chefs, who changed the culinary world by introducing a new way to cook plants. Bringing cruelty-free cuisine through their restaurants, cookbooks, and social media platforms, these 9 chefs have changed the way we eat and turn the thoughtless vegetable dishes into mouth-watering dishes even non-vegans would enjoy.1. Tal RonnenTal Ronnen is ...
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Orvia: Senopati Welcomes The First Vegan Gelato Shop With A Story Behind Every Flavor!
What began in 2015 as an online gelato shop, where plant-based wasn't commonly known as a mainstream lifestyle, Orvia was the first frozen dessert shop in Jakarta that offers guilt-free delectable gelato that is made 100% from plants. Noticing that many people ...
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Monkey Trade Business: Buying Them As A Pet Is Not The Way To Save Those Monkeys
As a country that is very rich in flora and fauna diversity, Indonesia has a lot of natural potentials that can be explored. It even influenced several cultural elements in Indonesia, such as the traditional Kuda Lumping dance, a wayang ...
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Can A Plant-Based Diet Boost Your Metabolism?
We often hear people complain about having a slow metabolism and barely eating anything yet still gaining weight. Or you ...
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Why High Blood Pressure Is A Silent Killer?
Hypertension, also known as High Blood Pressure (HBP), has become pervasive in Indonesia. In 2018, the prevalence of hypertension had reached 34.1%. ...
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Highlighting All Sustainable and Vegan Friendly Products
Garnier Initiated Green Beauty As a Way to Commit to the Environment
Today, awareness of the importance of shifting to a greener and more sustainable way of life increases, many people have ...
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Adidas & Sean Wotherspoon Co Create a Vegan and Eco-Friendly Sneaker
After successfully designing one of the most popular sneakers in 2018, the Nike Air Max 97/1, Sean Wotherspoon has teamed up with ...
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