Burger King Indonesia Launches New Whopper Made From Plant-Based Meat
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NYC's Finest Eleven Madison Park Goes Plant-Based
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EATH: Introduces Fun and Family Friendly Plant-based Food
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May, 18th 2021
Lucinta Luna and Animal Abuse Against Dolphins
One of Indonesia’s public figures once again provoked the public's anger for committing animal abuse. After the beginning of 2021, when Bambang Soesatyo attracted controversy because of the same thing, Lucinta Luna was also criticized for being seen riding a ...
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Epicurious: Why The Popular Cooking Site Ditches Beef In New Recipes?
With more than 33,000 recipes, Epicurious is one of the world's largest food and cooking digital platforms for the home cook, with daily kitchen tips, recipes, and cooking videos. On April 26, Epicurious recently published an announcement that they won't ...
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Nestlé Debuts Dairy-Free Milo in Asia, Starting from Malaysia
Asia has the largest number of lactose intolerance people in the world. A study revealed, "There are likely to be at least forty times more people suffering from lactose intolerance in an Asian country like Vietnam than in a north European country like Denmark. In fact, an estimated 90-100% of adults in East Asia and 80% in Central Asia have an impaired ability to digest lactose. This contrasts with around 2% in Denmark." symptoms of lactose intolerance typically include ...
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Zoos Are Striving and the Animals Are Dying
The Covid-19 pandemic is indeed still causing many problems for all of us. While we could find another way to cope with the current situation, there are still many people out there who barely survive in this condition. Little did ...
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A Misconception About Seitan, A Vegan Dish That Went Viral on TikTok
As we all know, TikTok has really taken over people’s attention all around the world, especially since the pandemic hit the world. TikTok has been a place for everything from education to entertainment, from food recipes to any DIY ...
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Must-knows, Common Myths, and New Discoveries Surrounding B12
As you may know, vitamins are typically associated with having a dedicated purpose. For example, vitamin A nurtures our vision, ...
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Should You Be Afraid Of Lacking Protein On A Vegan Diet?
Protein comes from the Greek word proteus, which means primary. The term was first coined by Dutch chemist Gerardus Johannes ...
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Highlighting All Sustainable and Vegan Friendly Products
Subo Family: Bringing a Deeper Meaning to Sustainable Fashion
As more brands grow with the spirit of sustainability in the process, the sustainable fashion industry has shaped a whole ...
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Garnier Finally Earns Its Official Cruelty-Free Label from the Leaping Bunny
Loved by many, both men and women, Garnier has provided a lot of self-care products from body care, skincare, haircare, ...
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