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CY Beverages Launches Revolutionary Plant-Based Crème for Healthier Beverage Options
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The Problems with Wild Animals as Pets
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July, 24th 2024
Indonesian Supplement Brand Evolene Debuts ‘100% Vegan-Friendly’ Protein Powder Evogreen
Attention, herbivore gym rats: a new, entirely plant-based protein supplement has arrived! For those keen to make gains at the gym yet wary of the fact that most protein powders available in the market are whey-based, Evogreen is the latest ...
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Winnie Harlow Creates a Vegan & Reef Safe Skincare Line, Cay Skin
After experiencing a severe sunburn from a two-day shoot under the scorching sun, Winnie Harlow decided to make her own sun care line. “Cay Skin was inspired by an unfortunate moment during a shoot in the Bahamas.” Ranted the 27-year-old ...
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I Tried the World’s First 3D-printed Plant-based Steak, And Here’s What I Think!
In late 2021, it was announced that Redefine Meat, an Israeli alternative meat start-up, will be launching in several major cities across Europe including London as part of its global expansion plans. The company, known for its 3D-printed plant-based whole cuts, managed to partner with the famed celebrity chef Marco Pierre White to launch its products across the multiple restaurants that MPW owns. As someone who is based in London, I am very excited to finally try my first 3D-printed food ...
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Alpukat Bistro: West Jakarta's Underatted Vegan Gem
Established in 2015, Alpukat Bistro has been serving the community healthy and nutritious allium-free plant-based dishes. The tagline "Alami Penuh Berkat" is also the origin of Alpukat Bistro's name! And through the years, Alpukat Bistro was established to engage the community ...
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Blushing with Less Waste with Roes Cosmetics' Liquid Love
Packed in a bright yellow-orange tube, Roes Cosmetics has been an inspiring step forward in Indonesia's beauty industry. While the beauty industry has been growing rapidly, it isn't easy to track the ethics of each brand, and we as the ...
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Anything Related To Health and Wellness
Almond, oat, soy, rice milk: Which one is the healthiest?
The creativity of many industries has brought results. Since plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular, new beverage ideas ...
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Do Vegans Poop Better Than Omnivores?
The effect of healthy plant food has on your body and energy levels can be incredible. Studies and research suggest ...
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Highlighting Cruelty-free Vegan Friendly Products
The Problem with the ‘Fragrance’ Label in Cosmetics
A beauty product wouldn’t feel complete without a floraly, delicious or sweet smell to it, but little do we ...
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Vegan, Cruelty-free, Clean & Ethical Beauty: Mengapa Standar ini Penting?
Industri kecantikan seringkali dikecam sebagai salah satu culprit atas masalah seperti deforestasi, toxic pollution dan animal cruelty. Siapa sangka begitu ...
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