Veganism and Sports: The Professional Black Athletes Proving Plant Protein is Powerful
Lizzo Said to Her 8.8M followers on TikTok: "Being A Vegan is Easy!"
Do Vegans Get Just Enough Protein As Meat Eaters?
July, 11th 2020
Andien Goes Plant-Based For Her Second Pregnancy
Vegan pregnancy has become quite a stigma in society. Many people consider it dangerous to go vegan during pregnancy, for it may cause nutrient deficiencies. Cited from Is It Safe to Follow a Vegan Diet While Pregnant? Vegan women may ...
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People Are Turning To A Whole Food Plant-Based Amid COVID-19 Crisis
And they may not even realise it! As the novel coronavirus sweeps across the globe, infecting over 2 million people worldwide at the time of writing, daily life as we know it has been disrupted indefinitely. With physical distancing encouraged and ...
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9 Instagram Vegan Accounts To Follow For Daily Food Inspiration
The number of people adopting a plant-based diet has increased rapidly. Thank you for the movement, such as Veganuary and 21HariVeg, which has inspired more people to go vegan. While it is so much easier to be vegan now than ever, sometimes there are times when we feel stuck and uninspired with what to eat for lunch or dinner. ?If you are undertaking these challenges or already committed to eating more plant-based food this year as part of ...
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Max La Manna Shares Five Easy Steps How To Reduce Waste!
In today's society, where most people are all about convenience, everything comes in packaging. Therefore to live a zero-waste life seems impossible. Max La Manna, a zero-waste chef and the author of the world's 2nd most sustainable cookbook, "More Plants ...
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Netflix's 'Tiger King': Exposing the Thin Line Between Fascination and Exploitation
Let’s all just say it now; oh, how the tables have turned! Countless memes have flooded social media comparing humans in quarantine to animals in zoos, but rest assured us humans have it better. For one, we’re kept ...
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Ideas of Where to Visit or Travel Next.
Actionable Tips for Vegan Newcomers with Wanderlust
1. Learn food phrases of the local languageCommunication is the biggest struggle for vegan travelers. It can be quite tricky when ...
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Four Travel Destinations, Where Veganism is Part of Local Heritage
1. IndiaPhoto by Julian Yu on UnsplashWhile the vegan population of India is not precisely known, India has ...
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Highlighting All Sustainable and Vegan Friendly Products
Natural Wash Co. Keeping Your Home and Earth Clean
Sustainable fashion is vital in adopting a more zero-waste lifestyle, but many people lose sight of its cleaning detergent, one ...
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Sano Living: Brings Nature to the Bathroom
Taking a shower sounds relaxing, comforting, and not at all harmful, but what if, it actually could be? Too ...
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