November, 24th 2020


It's all about people, culture and new trend.
Is Biodegradable Packaging Really A Greener Solution?
During the pandemic, most people at one point have ordered takeout food. But have you ever considered the packaging that ...
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Modern-Day Monkey Slavery in the Cruel Coconut Trade
For vegans and those on the journey towards an animal cruelty-free lifestyle, one popular option for substituting dairy has been ...
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More Than 25 Vegan Films Will be Presented at The International Vegan Film Festival 2020
As the number of people who eat a plant-based diet increases, people become more hungry for information about the vegan ...
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Brave Robot: New Revolutionary Animal-Free Dairy Ice-Cream Launches In the U.S
Los Angeles-based startup The Urgent Company, a spinoff from San Francisco Bay Area-based company Perfect Day, recently launched an ice ...
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David Attenborough's A Life on Our Planet is His Witness Statement and Warning To The World
Renowned British natural historian, Sir David Attenborough, recently released his latest documentary "A Life on Our Planet" on Netflix. In ...
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Union Square Photo That Shows How Much Time We Have Left to Tackle Climate Crisis Goes Viral
Earlier last week, Manhattanís Union Square gave us a big surprise by unveiling a new digital clock that tells ...
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Plant-Based Meat Alternative Plan to Take 1/3 of The Entire Food Market
Alternative protein is not something new in Indonesia. Our ancestors have been eating foods such as tofu and tempeh throughout ...
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Stop the (Dancing) Monkey Business!
It's safe to say most of us are fascinated by animals; so different in shape and stature to us humans. ...
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The Delusion of the Dairy Industry
Taking milk from a calf is nothing like taking candy from a baby. If anything, itís well-planned, systematic cruelty; ...
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