September, 18th 2020


It's all about people, culture and new trend.
8 Muslim Vegan Influencers To Follow On Instagram
Being vegan and a Muslim could be challenging as you'll get more questions from many people who think these two ...
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9 Instagram Vegan Accounts To Follow For Daily Food Inspiration
The number of people adopting a plant-based diet has increased rapidly. Thank you for the movement, such as Veganuary ...
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Lizzo Said to Her 8.8M followers on TikTok: "Being A Vegan is Easy!"
Melissa Viviane Jefferson, or known as Lizzo, shares her vegan meals with her 8.8M followers on her TikTok. If you ...
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Max La Manna Shares Five Easy Steps How To Reduce Waste!
In today's society, where most people are all about convenience, everything comes in packaging. Therefore to live a zero-waste life ...
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Veganism and Sports: The Professional Black Athletes Proving Plant Protein is Powerful
The world of professional sports is slowly waking up to the potential of plant-based diets. More and more athletes are ...
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Game-Changing, Vegan Doctors You Should Know About
Dr. Colin Campbell ( The Father of the WFPB Diet)image source: Nutrition StudiesDr. Campbell is considered a veteran amongst ...
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How Hollywood’s Stars are Breathing New Life into The Vegan Movement
Veganism just got a facelift Say hello to the new wave of vegans - they’re successful, they’re famous ...
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Vegan Trend for 2020 : The Rise of Artisan Vegan Cheese
Many of us took the big leap from omnivore to vegan in one go after being convinced either from an ...
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