September, 21st 2021

Eat & Drink

Best of Jakarta Vegan Eat and Drink
iVegan Pizza: Serving Homemade Veganized Italian Comfort Food
Started by experimenting with vegan pizza recipes for personal consumption to fill their pizza cravings, iVegan Pizza is the first ...
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Sematjam: Authentic Indonesian Food To Favour All
With many islands in this archipelago, Indonesia is well-known for its rich culture and diversity, from Sabang to Merauke. Each ...
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Kinkitsuya: Spreading Joy Through Authentic Japanese Cuisine
Japan is known for its world-famous food variety and culture. Their cuisine is enjoyed and respected by many people all ...
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Nutsy Bowl: Quick, Yummy, and Affordable Vegan Rice Bowl!
Getting a dish with various plant foods such as whole grains, vegetables, beans, seeds, and nuts in one meal used ...
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Earthai, A New Concept By Treat Vegan To Serve Vegan Thai Food
With the rising interest in veganism amongst people, Treat Vegan sees this opportunity for growth as they are expanding their ...
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Plantelicious: Veganizing Your Favorite Indonesian Comfort Food
Having to eat your comfort food at an accessible and affordable price is getting so much easier. With more and ...
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Rich's Indonesia: Making Yummy Vegan Dessert So Much Easier!
Most bakers and pastry chefs will agree that baking requires dedication, passion, and patience. However, unlike cooking, you'll realize precision ...
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The Hen Rebellion: Junk Food Made Entirely From Plants
The excitement and the increasing demand for plant-based food has exploded significantly over the past few years. And it can ...
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Coconut Yogurt (Coyo): Vegan friendly, Dairy-Free, Lactose-Free Yogurt!
Known for its many benefits, yogurt is processed milk that goes through a bacteria fermentation process. Commonly made from dairy ...
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