June, 22nd 2021

Eat & Drink

Best of Jakarta Vegan Eat and Drink
New Wholesome Takeaway Meals at Riva Healthy by The Wyndham Casablanca
Takeaway meals are often associated with unhealthy dishes such as fast food or snacks that are poorly prepared. Though it ...
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Unlimeat Review: a Beef Alternative from South Korea
Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I managed to order Unlimeat Plant-based Meat for myself through the online Korean ...
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Brave Robot Review: The First Animal-Free Dairy Ice Cream
In our previous article, we discussed how The Urgent Company, under the brand name Brave Robot recently launched an ice ...
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Treat Vegan: Treats For A Peckish Afternoon
Kemang is home to numerous restaurants, cafes, lounge and bars with a colorful variety of cuisines. And over the last 50 ...
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Seed: Vegan Brunch in The Heart Of Kemang
Australia is famous for its ever-evolving melting pot of history, food, and culture. With the influence of different cultures such ...
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VG Garden by Mama VG: Vegan Ayam "Kremes"
We all know that this is the time when we have to be aware of what we're eating and put ...
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Must-Try Indonesian Street Foods and How To Veganize Them!
While many Indonesian dishes are not inherently vegan, it is still a vegan-friendly place to travel to, as the animal ...
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