May, 18th 2024

Eat & Drink

Best of Jakarta Vegan Eat and Drink
Merry Mie: Flavoursome Mie Ayam Made From Plants
One of Jakarta's greatest comfort and go-to food must be mie ayam. Not only is it very much easy to ...
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KINI DAILY: Your Versatile On-the-go Smoothies
With an on-the-go lifestyle where everything is in a rush, sometimes itís hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, particularly ...
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Hejo Eatery: Making Plant-based Eating More Convenient and Tasteful
Notorious for its combination of different flavors, most Indonesian will agree nothing is better than good local cuisine. Especially with ...
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Burgreens: Oriental Taste With A Health Twist
Who aren't familiar with Burgreens? Known as one of the pioneers of healthy plant-based restaurant chains in Indonesia, Burgreens provides ...
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Accha: Affordable Indian Soul Food with a Local Twist
Indian food is known for its bold tongue-tingling flavours presented in a whole palette of flavours from sweet, sour to ...
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Starting The New Year Right With OFF MEAT x MAD GRASS Vegan Fried Chikín
What most people will assume when they hear vegan food is cheap is probably the assumption of eating in warteg ...
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Veganizing Indonesia's Comfort Food with Vegan Babyís Instant Noodles
Started out as a platform for  sharing recipes, reviewing and educating people in hopes of guiding people to be ...
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Relish the Double Happiness Through Baonaparty and Kyuri New Collaboration Menu
In the following year, the vegan community has been expanding in a fast pace. Opening up new opportunities to collaborate ...
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Explore The Arts in Desserts With The Third Year of Jakarta Dessert Week
For the last two years, Jakarta Dessert Week has positively impacted the culinary scene as the melting pot and culinary ...
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