September, 22nd 2021

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Is A Plant-Based Nutrition Safe For Kids
Many parents adopting a plant-based diet might want to help their kids follow the same lifestyle! Whether for health reasons ...
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Can You Get High Cholesterol On A Vegan Diet?
By being vegan, you are less likely to consume any cholesterol from the diet because cholesterol can be found only ...
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Are Vegan Fast Foods Healthier Than Regular One?
A documentary called Super Size Me that was released in 2004 opens so many people’s eyes. A man named Morgan ...
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Can a Plant-based Diet Really Lower The Severity of Covid Infection?
As the world pandemic of Covid-19 continues, more and more have gotten the virus. Our loved ones might have gotten ...
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Science Says Cheese Is Addictive As Drugs, Here's Why
Many people who tried going vegan would agree that it's easy to let go of chicken, beef, and fish, but ...
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Why Eating Meat Increases Your Stress Hormone?
The concern about eating animal-based meat is not only about the saturated fat, the trans fat, the cholesterol, but also ...
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How Bad Is Coca-Cola For Our Health?
The famous football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, drove the share of Coca-Cola down to 4 billion in one day after he switched ...
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Can a Plant-based Diet Help Reduce Asthma?
Asthma is one of the most common non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that affects many children, including adults. Some of the symptoms ...
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Must-knows, Common Myths, and New Discoveries Surrounding B12
As you may know, vitamins are typically associated with having a dedicated purpose. For example, vitamin A nurtures our vision, ...
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