September, 18th 2020

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Does Milk Help You Prevent Osteoporosis?
The association between milk consumption and bone health has been planted in our brain since we’re little. We received ...
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A Shift from Infectious Disease to Non-Communicable Diseases
The trend of diseases and death rates today shifted from infectious diseases to non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Back in the day, ...
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Americans Don't Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables; Neither Do Indonesians!
How many people have realized the importance of eating fruits and vegetables? Possibly, many. But how many people are actually ...
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These Nutrients May be Worth Supplementing As a Vegan
Many people fear of not getting enough of a specific nutrient, while not realizing, that they should also look at ...
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How A Well Planned Vegan Diet Looks Like
People who have stopped eating meat and all animal products often questioned by their family and friends whether one will ...
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Do Vegans Get Just Enough Protein As Meat Eaters?
How can you get enough protein as a vegan? This is a typical question you will face as a ...
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Andien Goes Plant-Based For Her Second Pregnancy
Vegan pregnancy has become quite a stigma in society. Many people consider it dangerous to go vegan during pregnancy, for ...
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Tips for New Vegans to Stay At It and Embrace Their New Lifestyle!
1. Vegetables should be the stars of your dishPeople often view veganism as a restrictive diet. However, once you start exploring ...
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What is a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet and What are Its Benefits?
As you may know, although many vegans are health-conscious and tend to live a healthy lifestyle, veganism does not directly ...
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