June, 22nd 2021

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Should You Be Afraid Of Lacking Protein On A Vegan Diet?
Protein comes from the Greek word proteus, which means primary. The term was first coined by Dutch chemist Gerardus Johannes ...
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How To Avoid Weight and Muscle Loss During Ramadan
Studies have found that fasting or restricting food intake during the day can help prevent many health problems such as ...
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How A Plant-based Diet Affects Your Menstrual Cramps?
Do you have a friend who always struggles with a severe painful cramp in the lower abdomen or pelvis and ...
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What Does Science Say About The Ketogenic Diet?
The ketogenic diet is gaining more attention in the past few years, especially among athletes seeking performance or people hoping ...
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Tempeh vs. Tofu, Which One Is Better?
Tempeh and tofu are both made from soybeans. While Tofu or bean curd probably comes from China, Tempeh is a ...
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How Eating Cold Rice Reduces Your Blood Sugar Levels
Eating rice two or three times a day is quite identical to Indonesians. It might be weird for Americans or ...
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Does Food Play A Role In GERD?
GERD stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease. You probably have heard of someone who has GERD, it is the most common ...
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The Journey Of #FitTyaAriestya: Vegetables Can Prevent You From Losing Weight
The book titled "The Journey of #FitTyaAriestya written by  Tya Ariestya an Indonesian actress and martial artist, went viral ...
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Is Caffeine Good For You?
Caffeine is not an essential nutrient our body needs. Our body can function well without caffeine. Itís different with ...
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