September, 21st 2021


Highlighting All Sustainable and Vegan Friendly Products
Garnier Finally Earns Its Official Cruelty-Free Label from the Leaping Bunny
Loved by many, both men and women, Garnier has provided a lot of self-care products from body care, skincare, haircare, ...
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Garnier Initiated Green Beauty As a Way to Commit to the Environment
Today, awareness of the importance of shifting to a greener and more sustainable way of life increases, many people have ...
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Adidas & Sean Wotherspoon Co Create a Vegan and Eco-Friendly Sneaker
After successfully designing one of the most popular sneakers in 2018, the Nike Air Max 97/1, Sean Wotherspoon has teamed up with ...
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5 Cruelty-Free Local Makeup Products You Need to Try!
Attention to all animal lovers out there: your passion for cruelty-free brands has grown throughout the years. In fact, finding ...
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Dr. Bronner's: Sharing Its Profit with the Earth
Established in 1948 by a German-Jewish master soapmaker, Emanuel Bronner, the soapmaking process itself initially started way back in 1858 by Emanuel's ...
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Natural Wash Co. Keeping Your Home and Earth Clean
Sustainable fashion is vital in adopting a more zero-waste lifestyle, but many people lose sight of its cleaning detergent, one ...
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Sano Living: Brings Nature to the Bathroom
Taking a shower sounds relaxing, comforting, and not at all harmful, but what if, it actually could be? Too ...
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Important Factors to Improve the Sustainable Fashion Industry
As we mention in our previous blog post, The Reality of Sustainable Fashion Franchises, the fashion world isn’t as ...
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The Reality of Sustainable Fashion Movement
Eco-friendly clothing stores are getting more and more popular worldwide since they hold better sustainable practices that help the environment ...
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