June, 22nd 2021


Deliciousness From Your Kitchen
Authentic Mexican Tortilla Wrap
Ingredients:4 tortillas260 guacamole360 gr salsa510 gr sour cream1 cup Mexican rice1 cup mashed pinto beans Dill and cilantro for ...
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Vegan Glazed Doughnut
Ingredients:360gr medium flour4gr tsp instant yeast 18gr aquafaba200gr Oatly or any other plant milk 50gr sugar4gr ...
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Raw Vegan Chocolate Truffles
Ingredients:130 gr raw cocoa powder 110 gr coconut oil100 gr cocoa butter (melted)200 gr liquid natural sweetener (agave nectar, maple ...
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Vegan Schezuan Noodle Soup
Ingredients:1 block of silken tofuA handful of bok choy (blanched)A handful of watercress12–15 shiitake mushrooms, sliced8 oz glass noodle (...
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Vegan Banh Mi
Ingredients:1 Burgreens Vegan Sausages1 Medium Baguettes 1 Cup Mushroom (Sliced)4 Cloves Garlic ( Chopped)1 Tbsp Olive Oil4 Tbsp Vegan Mayonaise 1/4 Cup Pickled ...
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