July, 24th 2024


Deliciousness From Your Kitchen
Sunflower Seed Milk
Ingredients:500gr Raw Sunflower Seeds750ml Water2 tbsp sugar or any sweetener of choicePinch of salt (optional)Steps: Wash ...
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Vegan Sate Maranggi
Ingredients:200gr Vital Wheat Gluten30gr Molasses Some Oil for Dilute3 Tbsp Soy Sauce400ml Water4 Cloves Garlic5 Cloves ...
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The Best Vegan Caramel Popcorn
Ingredients:40gr ‘Mushroom’ Corn Kernels15-20ml Coconut Oil30gr Roasted Cashew30gr Sugar15ml Water1 Tsp Vanilla Essence 20...
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How to Make Aquaflaxa
Ingredients:1000ml Water100gr Brown or Golden Flax SeedsA Pinch of SaltSteps: In a wide saucepan, mix in the flax ...
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Vegan Nasi Tumpeng
Nasi Kuning Ingredients:220gr Rice8cm Turmeric, Grated1 Pandan Leaf3 Lemongrass4 Kaffir Lime Leaves4cm Galangal4cm Ginger200ml Coconut ...
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Vegan Martabak
Ingredients:120gr High-Protein Flour240gr All Purpose Flour1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract 24ml Aquaflaxa / Flax-Gel400ml Soy Milk / or Any ...
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Vegan Homemade Bakmie
Ingredients:400gr Hand-Pulled Noodle (vegan)16pcs Small Mustard Greens (or Chinese Broccolis)100gr Soaked Proteina8-9 Small Champignon Mushroom, Sliced1,5 ...
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Vegan Deep Fried Sushi
Ingredients:700gr Steamed Rice2 Tbsp Rice Vinegar1 Tsp Sugar1 Tsp Salt2 Large Nori Sheets1 Large Kyuri9 Slices of Pickled Bell ...
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Easy Loukoumades
Ingredients:240gr All-Purpose Flour120gr High-Protein Flour3 Tbsp Cornstarch / Maizena 3 Tbsp Sugar (or Any Sweetener)1 Tsp Salt1 Cup Lukewarm ...
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