June, 22nd 2021

Vegan Buzz

News and Buzz Surrounding Vegan Lifesyle.
The EU Has Decided to Drop the Amendment 171: Plant-based Dairy Censorship is Finally Off the Table
In 2019, the EU proposed to ban meaty names from plant-based products under the name of Amendment 171. The amendment was meant ...
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Nestlé and Their Plant-Based Products: Achievement or Distraction?
Last year, Nestlé launched their vegan tuna and announced that it will be launching a vegan version of its Carnation ...
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Singapore's OsomeFood Introduces World's First Vegan Hard-Boiled Egg
Singapore-based food tech manufacturer OsomeFood has just unveiled the world's first plant-based hard-boiled egg. Made from fungi mycoprotein, it allows ...
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Burger King Indonesia Launches New Whopper Made From Plant-Based Meat
Earlier this month, Burger King, the well-known American burger joint, launched two new plant-based items on its menu in the ...
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Burger King UK Launches Vegan Royale And Plant-Based Whopper
The popular food chain Burger King has recently launched two vegan menus. Vegan Royale and Bean Burger. Along with these ...
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The Controversy Behind “Seaspiracy” Which Side Should We Stand?
“If you want to address climate change, the first thing you do is protect the ocean. And the solution to ...
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Nestlé Debuts Dairy-Free Milo in Asia, Starting from Malaysia
Asia has the largest number of lactose intolerance people in the world. A study revealed, "There are likely ...
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Dunkin' Introduces Over 40 New Vegan Donuts
World's most renowned donut chain Dunkin' Donut took social media by a storm after it announced its new vegan range, ...
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President Jokowi Removes Coal Waste from Hazardous List
The latest news regarding a threat (again) to the preservation of the environment and the health of the Indonesian people, ...
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