July, 11th 2020

Vegan Buzz

News and Buzz Surrounding Vegan Lifesyle.
KFC Launches Vegan “Chicken Nuggets” in China That Sold Out In An Hour!
Every lifestyle change is an adjustment, and you might have come across a few struggles, for vegans, particularly is when ...
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Netflix's 'Tiger King': Exposing the Thin Line Between Fascination and Exploitation
Let’s all just say it now; oh, how the tables have turned! Countless memes have flooded social media comparing ...
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The COVID-19 Shutdowns Bring a Realistic Opportunity on Climate Change
From water clearing up to decline in air pollution, the world is showing a significant change since the coronavirus pandemic ...
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The Game Changers: A Revolutionary Documentary or Plant-Powered Propaganda?
Produced by James Cameron and narrated by former MMA fighter James Wilks, this hard-hitting documentary attempts to highlight the benefits ...
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People Are Turning To A Whole Food Plant-Based Amid COVID-19 Crisis
And they may not even realise it! As the novel coronavirus sweeps across the globe, infecting over 2 million people worldwide ...
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EARTHLINGS: How Have We Not Made the Connection?
In this day and age, we are lucky to be given easy access to both entertainment and knowledge. This freedom ...
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Animal Agriculture : Winning A Losing Game!
The practice of animal agriculture teems with steps that threaten sustainability. From land and water usage, the feed for their ...
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