January, 16th 2021

Vegan Buzz

News and Buzz Surrounding Vegan Lifesyle.
Up To 60 Tonnes of Trash Once Again Covering Bali Beaches: An Annual Phenomenon That Keeps Getting Worse
In the new year of 2020, heavy rains flushed most parts of Indonesia and caused flooding. This time, heavy rains flushed ...
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The Viral Komodo Who Tried to Protect the Island Draws Peoples Attention All Over The Internet
Last October, a Komodo dragon photo was blocking a truck for the Jurassic Park construction project on Rinca Island, West ...
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Korean Company Refused to Admit the Forest Fires Have Something to Do with Land Clearing
On November 12th, BBC Indonesia published a visual investigative video made by Greenpeace International and Forensic Architecture, which revealed a ...
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Tesla Factory in Central Java Can Be An Environmental Threat for Indonesia
As a country with the largest nickel reserves in the world, Indonesia attracts many foreign companies to open and expand ...
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Wyndham Casablanca Now Offers Vegan-Friendly Menu with Riva Health
In line with the increasing number of vegetarians and vegans in Indonesia, especially in the capital, people involved in the ...
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U.K.'s First Vegan Vending Machine Ready to Serve Hot Meals To Hospital Workers in London
These days, veganism has become pretty common, especially for the last three years. According to WTVOX, the United Nations estimate ...
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Two Trucks Filled With Dogs Are Being Transported to Sumatra For Human Consumption.
Recently, a viral video showed us some captured dogs that mostly came from West Java to travel all the way ...
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EU Parliament Grants "Dairy Ban" Against Plant-Based Products
After previously almost being outlawed, we still get to keep the name "Veggie Burgers" after the EU parliament voted to ...
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Zomato, Restaurant Directory Application Closed Their Operational in Indonesia
Restaurant and dining aggregator, Zomato has decided to suspend its operations in Indonesia. It is unfortunate that this startup from ...
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