September, 18th 2020

Vegan Buzz

News and Buzz Surrounding Vegan Lifesyle.
IKEA Indonesia Launches Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream
Though IKEA is renowned for its furniture and appliances, their Swedish Meatballs, Hot Dog, and Vanilla Ice Cream have their ...
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Lebanese Vegan Activist Takes Action to Help the Victims of Explosion in Beirut
Meet Seb Alex, born and raised in Lebanon, Seb Alex grew up and became a Lebanese vegan activist. To pursue ...
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Aladdin Star Mena Massoud Releases A Vegan Cookbook
Known for his titular role in Disney's Aladdin in 2019 and Jared Malik in the Canadian-drama series Open Heart (2015), Egyptian-Canadian actor, ...
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Bangkok Hosts Its First Sustainable and Vegan Market
Root The Future, Bangkok-based vegan media, hosts the first sustainable and vegan market in the country known for its vibrant ...
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Excessive Eating: Often Forgotten Post Eid Problem
During Eid, chicken and meat are the main stars for a couple of days. Rendang and chicken opor are two ...
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Harry Styles Ditches Meat and Asks Fans To Stop Going To SeaWorld
In an interview that was recorded earlier this year, Styles revealed that he no longer eats meat. Styles sat down ...
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I’m (Not) Lovin’ It: The S.A.D. Reality of Fast Food
Citizens of Jakarta are currently mourning the loss of one of the city’s icons; its first-ever McDonald’s ...
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KFC Launches Vegan “Chicken Nuggets” in China That Sold Out In An Hour!
Every lifestyle change is an adjustment, and you might have come across a few struggles, for vegans, particularly is when ...
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Netflix's 'Tiger King': Exposing the Thin Line Between Fascination and Exploitation
Let’s all just say it now; oh, how the tables have turned! Countless memes have flooded social media comparing ...
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