October, 04th 2023

Vegan Buzz

News and Buzz Surrounding Vegan Lifesyle.
Indonesian Supplement Brand Evolene Debuts ‘100% Vegan-Friendly’ Protein Powder Evogreen
Attention, herbivore gym rats: a new, entirely plant-based protein supplement has arrived! For those keen to make gains at the ...
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Legendary Noodle Joint Bakmi GM Launches Three New, Fully Vegan Options
Established in 1959, Bakmi GM is famous for serving an array of delectable dishes centered around bakmi (wheat-based noodles) and rice. ...
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Burgreens Introduces GreenKind, Jakarta’s First One-Stop Healthy & Eco Living Solution
Vegetarians, vegans, and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts alike must already be familiar with Burgreens. As a pioneer of vegan restaurants in ...
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Fore Coffee Teams Up with Green Rebel To Launch Vegan Sandwiches
Fore Coffee, one of Indonesia's coffee start-ups, and Green Rebel, Indonesia’s food tech company that creates meat and cheese ...
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Revo Foods Revealed its First 3D Plant-based Salmon Fillet
The Austrian 3D- and Food-Technology Startup Revo Foods has presented an ultrarealistic plant-based salmon fillet for the first time in ...
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Cosmax Indonesia is the First Cosmetic Manufacturer Company in Indonesia to be Certified EVE Vegan
The cosmetic manufacturer behind popular local brands such as BLP Beauty, Somethinc, and Luxcrime is earning more recognition for establishing ...
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Burgreens and Green Rebel Finally Join Bali’s Vegan Food Scene!
Alongside Bali's colourful plant-based food scene, Indonesia's leading plant-based food chain Burgreens is finally joining Bali's vegan food scene. Located ...
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HBO’s ‘Not So Pretty’ Exposes the Ugly Secrets of the Cosmetic Industry & How Makeup is Endangering Your Health
The beauty industry has always had a regulation problem. The worst part, it is us consumers who suffer the consequences. ...
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Celebrity Chef Andrew Zimmern Collaborates with Next Gen Foods As an Advisor
Meet Andrew Zimmern, a four-time James Beard Award winner, an Emmy winner, a celebrity chef, a writer, and a social ...
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