Packed in a bright yellow-orange tube, Roes Cosmetics has been an inspiring step forward in Indonesia's beauty industry. While the beauty industry has been growing rapidly, it isn't easy to track the ethics of each brand, and we as the consumer might be ambushed by greenwashing. With valuing transparency and authenticity, Roes Cosmetics comes with a commitment to bettering the planet. 

Roes is an Indonesian beauty brand that commits to making an ethical and environmentally responsible brand. Roes have three main principles they proudly share; Clean - Roes Cosmetics formula is free from parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, triclosan, phthalates, BHA, and BHTs; Sustainable - Roes Cosmetics' packaging is either made out of recycled/recyclable, compostable or biodegradable materials, and Kind - 100% cruelty-free, certified vegan, halal, and BPOM friendly, as well as Roes, only works with companies that are BSCI and ISO certified and all employees are of age and paid fair wages.

"I felt there was a big gap in the Indonesian market for clean and sustainable beauty that could rival anything else you could find in Sephora or any big beauty store! A lot of sustainable and clean beauty products in Asia didn't have the durability or pigmentation that I wanted, and I felt like there was also a big gap in makeup that catered to acne-prone and sensitive skin," states Shina, founder, and director of Roes Cosmetics. "So I decided to bring together my passion for the environment, my love for makeup, and the need for products catered to sensitive skin, and Roes was born!" 

Roes joyfully launches its first product, Liquid Love, and it is a liquid-to-satin blush with three different shades to choose from; Radiance described as dusty rose, Warmth - a true coral, and Vitality - a petal pink color. Liquid Love is infused with hyaluronic acid and formulated with the cleanest ingredients. The three shades are claimed to be universally flattering, long-lasting, pigmented, and transfer-proof without having to be set.

Right off the first pump, most of the color seems too bright to be a 'natural blush.' It was a bit skeptical at first since Vitality and Warmth might not be a flattering shade for darker skin tones; however, they did live up to their claim when blended; all three colors assuredly are flattering. In any skin color! It has a natural finish, and you can build it up for a more pigmented blush. 

Vitality has become one of the favorite shades; it gives you a very fresh and natural flush, and also try mixing Warmth and Radiance for that sun-kissed look! The formula is really easy to blend when it is not dry yet making Liquid Love very much beginner-friendly. As for the pigment, a little bit goes a very long way - one small pump can be used for both cheeks already! 

With a clean, sustainable, and kind premise in mind, Roes Cosmetics uses sugarcane for the tube for Liquid Love. Sugarcane is an alternative to plastic that is recyclable and not finite, while growing sugarcane absorbs CO2 emissions. The pump also is made of non-virgin plastics, which are recycled plastics and can be recycled again. I tested Liquid Love under two different conditions by wearing it while being under the sun and in an air-conditioned room; Liquid Love stayed all day without having any smudge. It definitely already made its way to my travel makeup bag!

Liquid Love is priced at IDR 229.000 and IDR 639.000 for a bundle of three. Roes Cosmetics ships to all of Indonesia and some countries internationally. You can order Roes through their official website, e-commerce, and official retailers.