Jeffree Star finally releases a video of one of his skincare products on his Instagram account, signaling the full launch of his long-awaited line, Jeffree Star Skin. After the major success of his cosmetic brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the beauty influencer and entrepreneur expands his beauty venture by launching a vegan, cruelty-free and clean skincare line. Jeffree Star Skin is set to debut seven products, offering a full skincare routine formulated for all skin types to use.

Star stated, “[The pandemic] opened up a whole new world and we just happened to be developing skincare for years now, so the timing of the pandemic and this launch is bizarre and cool.” The skincare line is the extension of the cosmetic brand, carrying the same ethos but a subtler version, reflecting Star’s everyday essentials. “I always want to be very gaudy and dramatic, but [the skincare line] isn’t as dramatic as Jeffree Star Cosmetics. It had to be a subdued version.”

The Magic Star™ Hydrating Moisturizer video Star posted on his Instagram account makes up one of the seven products set to launch: Make-Up Removing Balm, Facial Cleanser, Toner, Eye Cream, Lip Mask and Face Mist. Unable to keep everyone waiting, he finally uploaded a full reveal on his YouTube Channel on the following day, where he talked through and demonstrated the use of each product.

His skincare is all about targeting dullness and reviving the skin. The line uses clean and active ingredients, such as strawberry water for hydration and rainbow algae to brighten the skin’s complexion. Common synthetic ingredients are replaced with natural alternatives, such as salicylic acid is replaced with willow bark for the cleanser and alcohol with witch hazel for the toner. The blend of fruit extracts gave each product a unique scent, hence synthetic fragrances and other harsh ingredients were not added. 

From the very start, the beauty guru is committed to make all of his brands animal-friendly, even though he is not vegan himself. As stated in an interview he did with Logical Harmony back in 2016: “My brand will be 100% vegan moving forward! I think as the beauty industry moves forward, you will start to see more brands opening their eyes and becoming vegan. Excluding a huge part of the beauty consumers who only buy vegan, isn’t right and if you can make just as high-quality makeup, why not stop cruelty?”

Also, by making his entire line vegan, everyone will be able to purchase and experience his formulas. The line offers quality skincare without customers having to spend a fortune, with prices ranging from $16-32 USD. After releasing the full reveal, Star received a lot of praises for his thoughtful formulation and dedication to his latest venture. Many were left impressed and excited to get their hands on a Jeffree Star Skin product. The brand has put up all products on their website and will be available to purchase on February 25th, 2022.