Gordon Ramsay was never a fan of vegans and plant-based foods until today. One of the world-famous and most respected chefs is now the face of plant-based milk, Silk Oat Milk. In the video posted by Silk, the chef said, "Hi guys, it's me, Gordon Ramsay, the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) of yelling in kitchens, you know what else is G.O.A.T.? Silk Oat, the G.O.A.T. of oat milk."

Ramsay actually started to be more open to plant-based food about eight years ago. He told Yahoo that dairy is the hardest thing he had to give up as a chef, but as a father, he realized that eating more plant-based food is the better option, "My father passed away at 53 of a heart attack because of a poor diet. I want to set a good example for my children." 

He also puts more consideration about veganism on one of his shows, Hell's Kitchen. Last May, Hell's Kitchen finally featured a vegan chef for the first time. Josie Clemens, the vegan chef, is a 24-year-old woman who aims to use her spotlight to promote plant-based cuisine. 

As much as he loves eating meat, he couldn't escape the fact that the plant-based diet now has become a big deal, especially in the industry he lives in. In an interview with Delish, he said, "From a restaurateur's point of view, I could see a more creative demand for it [plant-based cooking]. So it keeps chefs on their toes. And then, when I got to delve into the details of what that movement meant, I had gone on to oat milk."  

As a person with a jam-packed schedule, he tries to keep his breakfast simple with healthy vegan smoothies and a creamy oat milk latte. He also mentioned that his three daughters always remind him daily to help the planet and eat well. 

Until today, Gordon Ramsay has added many vegan options to the menu at some of his restaurants. At Gordon's Hell's Kitchen, he offers a menu like spring onion soup or white bean cashew stew. In March, he added vegan roast dinner and began serving the Impossible Burger in Bread Street Kitchen Singapore and a vegan pizza to the menu at his London restaurants. He also started to put more vegan recipes on his TikTok account, like vegan B.L.T. and vegan steak

In his plant-based journey, Gordon Ramsay wants people to know he takes this movement very seriously, "It's had such a positive impact on my life and my level of fitness. I have no intention of slowing down, and I feel great."