Being vegan and a Muslim could be challenging as you'll get more questions from many people who think these two lifestyles aren't commonly associated. Since eating meat is considered a daily staple in Muslim households, some people even assume going vegan can be perceived as a conflict between these two sets of ideas, which can be hard to deal with every day. 

Therefore, to help you with a source of encouragement in adopting your plant-based lifestyle, we listed 9 Muslim vegan influencers to follow on Instagram whether it is for fitness, nutrition, culture, recipes, or a motivation to keep you staying vegan! These accounts will give you the courage and know-how you need to embrace your compassionate lifestyle. 

1. Sara Zayed ( United States) 

Graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Rutgers University in 2016, Sara was always drawn to health and fitness, taking a variety of science classes, exercising regularly, and exploring nutrition. Sara firmly believes that religiosity is closely intertwined with taking care of one's health. To pursue her passion, she acquired the Plant-Based Nutrition certificate from Cornell University and became an ACSM certified personal trainer. If you're a Muslim and passionate about fitness and nutrition, this Instagram account is a must-follow! 

2. Ghanim AlSulaiti (Qatar) 

Listed as one of the Top 30 Most Influential People in Qatar by Doha Festival City. Ghanim is famously known as the founder and driving force behind Evergreen Organics, Qatar's first vegan cafe and the world's first vegan café at a major hub airport. He passionately promotes his view on veganism and sustainability through his business to provide communities with access to plant-based food, cruelty-free products, and eco-friendly packaging. On top of that, he actively promotes his view on veganism as a Muslim on Instagram. So if you are into building an impactful business while learning how to be vegan and Muslim, you need to follow him.  

3. Theveganmumnson (Singapore)

Founded by Singaporean native Muhammad Ryza and his mother Nora, this account is dedicated to sharing their delicious home-cooked meals recipes. Ryza, who went vegan first back in 2013, has influenced her mom Nora to go along with his journey. Beside sharing mouth-watering recipes, One of the founders, Ryza, also actively promotes a vegan lifestyle as a Muslim and has been invited to be one of the keynote speakers at the Bali Vegan Festival and Vegan Festival Indonesia in 2018. If you need some inspiration about how to start vegan as a Muslim, check the tagged account and click the follow button! 

4. Javanesevegan (Singapore/Canada) 

Sharing her delicious recipes from her kitchen in Canada, Nora, who's also the founder of Theveganmumnson and volunteering at animal allies Singapore, proves that eating plant-based could be beneficial to your skin. Every year on her birthday, she posts her photo and her vegan birthday cake, and you wouldn't believe in what number she puts on the cake! If you wanted to know her secret to look amazing, go give her a follow! 

5. Muzammil Ahmad (Canada) 

Muzammil is a fitness enthusiast and a medical student who counts on plants for his fitness goals. Actively posting his muscle-building journey on his Instagram, he also co-hosts his own podcast called Plant Prescription Podcast to inspire people to live a longer, happier, and healthier life through nutrition and lifestyle medicine. If you want to motivate yourself about muscle-building or being vegan and Muslim in general, you should definitely follow him! 

6. Diyana (Malaysia)

Diyana, who currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, is a science graduate, freelance copywriter, dancer, and an advocate for a more compassionate & conscious lifestyle. Born in a country where the majority of the population practice Islam, she also learned Islamic Studies in school. She shares all her experiences and journey in becoming vegan and a Muslim through her blog. Whether you'd like to know how she survives Eid or her view of the importance of animal sacrifice on Eid Adha, following her journey will help your vegan journey! 

7. Amira Waworuntu (Indonesia) 

Amira Waworuntu is a full-time writer, part-time lecturer, and lifelong animal lover. After realizing that her habits didn't quite line up with her beliefs, she became vegan for the animals in early 2017 after watching the documentary "Terra," which focuses on humanity's deteriorating relationship with nature and fellow living creatures. Through her social media, she often shares her view as a vegan and a Muslim. Amira also believes Islam is a very understanding religion based on its five pillars; nowhere in those five pillars does it say that animal use is mandatory as a Muslim. If you want to ask anything related to being Muslim and Vegan in Indonesia, give her a follow. 

8. Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed (Saudi Arabia) 

Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, the son of Saudi Arabia's most influential investors, is a vegan, animal rights activist, environmentalist, and the founder and chief executive of KBW Ventures. Being the front leader of the vegan movement in Saudi Arabia, he successfully has changed the way people think about veganism in a country where meat is considered sacred and staple food in every Arab household. Won the Technology Investor of the year award at the Arabian Business' CEO Middle East awards in 2018, he also has been investing in tech and plant-based companies such as Beyond Meat, Memphis Meats, JUST, and Square Inc. If you want to keep updated with the vegan movement in Saudi Arabia, click the prince Instagram account and hit the follow button!