The number of people adopting a plant-based diet has increased rapidly. Thank you for the movement, such as Veganuary and 21HariVeg, which has inspired more people to go vegan. While it is so much easier to be vegan now than ever, sometimes there are times when we feel stuck and uninspired with what to eat for lunch or dinner. ?

If you are undertaking these challenges or already committed to eating more plant-based food this year as part of your new year's resolution, we listed nine vegan accounts that you can follow for your daily food inspiration. From finding yourself a new favorite vegan place or delicious meatless recipes, following these vegan accounts will come in handy. Swipe left to find out more, and make sure to give them a follow!

1. @yoear

Ditched animal products since 2013, Yoesi Ariyani's main reason for going plant-based is mostly for her health. Back when vegan was not as popular as it is now, she decided to mostly stay at home and to cook for herself instead of going out. If you're always looking for healthy food recipes, you should follow her as she shares many healthy recipes that look amazing. Yoesi also actively held private classes and workshops to educate the public about the vegan lifestyle, so make sure to follow her to keep updated for her upcoming class! 

2. @veganindonesian

Before she changed her name to @veganindonesian, many people might know her as @yanivegandiary. Starting in November 2019, this account provides a lot of helpful information about new vegan places in Jakarta. With fun and inviting pictures and captions, you'll instantly fall in love with this account. 

3. @plantpoweredpupu 

Many of you might know her as a fashion designer or her vintage style, that made her famous. She decided to go vegan in 2016 to overcome her allergy and autoimmune disease. Before going vegan, she's also been a pescetarian for over four years. With her post that she posted almost every day, she proves that being vegan is easy and not always about eating salads, which most people think is the only thing we eat. 


As much as we love a mouthwatering food picture, fun and a well-thought-of caption are also important. You can tell you'll have a lot of fun following her journey by reading her bio. You will most likely relate to her every time you read her caption. If you like stories and mouthwatering food pictures, click on the tagged account and hit the follow button! 

5. @rappoki 

We are very sure everyone loves to travel. As a vegan, there is nothing more exciting than planning your dining trip to a place that you never been to before! So if you love to travel or perhaps want to do "Jastip." This is one vegan account that you should follow! 

6. @raniiaan 

With physical distancing extended and likely, we all have to accept the new normal, many people have turned into an instant chef. And if you are lucky enough to have a kitchen and have so much time to kill, we recommend you to follow her. Sharing her amazing recipes from her house in Sydney, you'll be blown away by some of the recipes that she shares. From Shepherd's Pie to Bakso, you'll realize that every recipe can be veganized. 

7. @rgoesvegan 

Among other accounts, she is probably the newest. Started going vegan since March 2020, she dedicated this account to share her vegan journey. Despite her short quest of being vegan, you can already see so many photos of her delicious-looking meals and recipes. Created a highlight for coffee and beverages, we can't wait to see more coming from her! 


Who else here always keep asking themselves whether corn flakes cereal is vegan, or our favorites Lotus Biscoff spread has any animal products. Just like its name, this account shares all about "accidentally" vegan snack/food or products that we could find here in Indonesia. Encourage people to share their own experiences. We are so excited to find out more accidentally vegan products here in Indonesia. 

9. @annaveganfooddiary 

So, it finally comes down to our last pick. Most of you might already follow this account. As it says on the handle name, this account belongs to Anna Bella. A vegan influencer who loves to share her food diary and mindful journeys like her no shampoo movement and sustainable fashion. Unlike her main account, where she actively promotes her vegan and sustainable lifestyle, this account focuses on her food journey. And for those who followed her from the very beginning, you probably know how much she loves food. If you want to be up to date with the latest vegan food trends and openings, you have to make sure to follow this account!

Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels