The pandemic has brought drastic changes that force us to adapt to current circumstances. New Normal is one way to continue activities by prioritizing the safety and health of others. Some things such as always wearing masks, maintaining distance, limiting the operating hours of several public places, working from home, online shopping and virtual events are currently being done by the community.

This certainly does not hold back one of Jakarta’s most anticipated events, BrightspotMRKT, from continuing their event. This year, BrightspotMRKT held their event with the concept of a virtual city. The eleventh event which was held on December 25th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021, on their website page and mobile app of Brightspot presented 220 brands and participants who were also filled with workshops, talk shows, markets, music performances, and many more.

Anton Wirjono, as the Co-Founder of BrightspotMRKT, stated, "the experience of online events as big as BrightspotMRKT with the concept of virtual events is a challenge itself, with the limitations caused by the pandemic, it does not prevent us from making a gathering platform for creative industry players, especially in the UMKM sector, it is hoped that with BrightspotMRKT, which is held virtually, does not reduce the existing excitement. "

This year, BrightspotMRKT certainly didn’t forget to include a large selection of plant-based foods to enjoy. Among them are vegan gelato & coffee from ORVIA, various healthy snack choices from Bumi Bites, RBoJ Coffee & Kitchen, healthy food from Plantful and Sematjam, and vegan soft serve from Lococo Creamery. Moreover, there is also Eggnot as Indonesia’s first vegan egg, Art of Being Healthy, Piring Sayur, Yoisho, Naked Inc., Naked Buns, Green Butchers, and Melts.

In addition, BrightspotMRKT also provides several vegan workshops, the first of which is "The Future Of Meat: Is ASEAN Ready for Alternative Meat?" which was guided by Max Mandias as the Co-Founder of Burgreens, Dr Amadeus Driando as Co-Founder of Better Nature, and Smith Taweelerdniti as Co-Founder of Let's Plant Meat. Next, there is a workshop about plant-based options on the menu in F&B Businesses, and also creating sustainable local brands that people love. 

In BrightspotMRKT Virtual City 2020, they collaborated with Visquares to build the whole ‘city’ such as the buildings and environment to create visitors’ ambience and experience. Visquares sees that Brightspot Virtual City 2020 can be an excellent example for other virtual events in 2021 and encourages local brands to continue to grow and participate in virtual events, "said Zacky Badrudin as CEO of Visquares.