The pandemic has made an inevitable change in the way people eat. Many countries urge people to self-isolate and stay at home, creating a massive demand for food delivery services. Though the cloud kitchen isn't something new, the cloud kitchen, commonly known as a dark kitchen or ghost kitchen, is a term used to describe restaurants with no retail and focus on food delivery only. However, it could also mean shared-kitchen services for food businesses who want to venture into food delivery services; it's merely like a food court but virtual. And one of the leading brands of cloud-kitchens in Indonesia is Everplate Kitchens.

As one of the leading Cloud Kitchens in Indonesia, Everplate aims to support local small food businesses to achieve their goals. Everplate not only offers kitchen rentals but also provides various value-added services such as facility management, operational support, and consultation on culinary business development while prioritizing these four things: flexibility, cost-effectiveness, strategic location, and the provision of growth consulting services. 

With the strategic location, they also promise to cut delivery times, maintain food quality, and ensure a high number of orders in the area and growth consulting services that provide their clients with information on trends and markets to grow their business. With over 100 shared kitchens and 4 locations, Everplate offers a wide variety of food and accommodates all types of diets and lifestyles, whether it be meat lovers, vegetarians, or vegans.

With the increasing demand for plant-based food, Everplate is a host for some of the vegan and vegan-friendly brands that offer various delightful plant-based cuisines like HerBox, Tyfel, Green Grills, Furutusando, Masti, Copacabana Acai, Dirty Little Vegan, WIKI WIKI, and Dan Bam. From Acai Bowls to Vegan Burgers, you'll be spoilt by the choices and diversity of scrumptious vegan meals that are easily accessible and affordable.

Let's talk about their food, starting with the Classic Acai Bowl from Though it's not entirely vegan, it can easily be veganized by taking out the honey. It tasted as good as it looks, and it's perfect if you enjoy a nutritious and fresh cold smoothie bowl, but if you are more of a juice kind of person? You can go with @wikiwiki_id, which serves cold-pressed and regular juice freshly made with 100% fruits. 

If you crave guilt-free fast food, you can go ahead with the Vegan Deluxe or Im-Fish-Ter Burger from @green.grills or Chick Chunk, Burger, and Burritos from; you won't feel bad after devouring these vegan fast food. 

For some authentic vegan food, @herbox.jkt has a long list of Indonesian and Asian inspired cuisine; from all of their menu, we highly recommend trying the Black Pepper and Pesmol Rice Box; it's both comforting and satisfying. But if you feel a bit more adventurous, the Vada Pav from @masti.jkt is a must-try. It's soft and full of unique flavors that will please your taste buds. 

They also have Japanese Fruit Sandos from @furutusando and Vegan Korean Hotteok from @danbamofficial for all sweet tooths out there. Whether you like your dessert cold or warm, Everplate has got you covered!