Since the 1940s, the Met Gala has been one of the most anticipated events. The Met Gala is more environmentally friendly than ever this year! The theme, Gilded Glamour, is making the guests wear vintage gowns and repurposed textiles. Here are some of the noteworthy sustainable looks from the Met Gala 2022.

1. Emma Stone

Emma Stone deserves more attention for her look at Met Gala 2022! She decided to open her closet and put on her wedding dress for the event. The Louis Vitton dress shows delicate silk and lace detail which, despite its simplicity, resembles elegance and glamour. Perfectly aligns with the Gilded Glamour theme!

2. Billie Eilish

Effortlessly stealing the spotlight, Billie arrives on the red carpet with a Gucci gown made of 100% upcycled materials. "I just wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible," she said. As a vegan herself, Billie tried her best to stay sustainable. She added that her gown was made of 'all existing materials, so we didn't have to waste a bunch of stuff this all already existed, and [we] just wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible.

3. Ariana Rockefeller

The model was dressed in a historic Elizabeth Arden gown designed for her grandmother, Peggy Rockefeller, in 1954. "Reviving this 70-year-old garment has been a fun and sustainable way to engage with the Met Gala theme this year." She said, "I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to wear this gorgeous piece of my family's history to the Costume Institute Benefit." Rockefeller completed her ensemble with family heritage jewelry and a repaired 1920s purse that formerly belonged to her great-grandmother, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller.

4. Adut Akech

South Sudanese native Adut Akech was born on a journey to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya and is now one of the fashion industry's most in-demand talents, as well as one of TIME's "Most Influential Teens of 2018." Adut Akech looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder, plunging green gown from Christian Lacroix's autumn/winter 2003 collection for the occasion.

5. Paloma Elsesser

Paloma Elsesser's Met Gala 2022 gown was hailed as one of the best. The gown was made out of a silk-satin corset, and although Paloma Elsesser's Coach ensemble was created especially for her, the hand-embroidered lace skirt was made from reused 1930s gowns.