Growing up with ever-changing trends of makeup, most Millennials and Generation Z probably are familiar with the fun and affordable brand, BH Cosmetics. The Grammy-nominated singer Doja Cat collaborated with BH Cosmetics to create her very first makeup line as a tribute to her recent album ‘Planet Her' ' and it is also vegan and cruelty-free. With an array of flora-inspired, earthy metallics as well as trippy tones, this makeup line translates much on her ‘Planet Her’ joyful and dreamy manner.

"With ('Planet Her') in mind, we created our packaging together with glamorous gold foil and psychedelic mushrooms to be consistent with what she's putting out musically," said Yannis Rodocanachi, CEO of BH Cosmetics in the Allure interview. “Everything is beautifully intertwined and connected down to every last detail,” Making this a full-circle moment, Doja has been experimenting with colours in makeup and she bought her first rainbow eyeshadow palette from BH Cosmetics when she was 14. 

In this collection, we get to see a beautiful 36-shades of what can be described as earthy brights with prismatic colours like fuchsia, magenta, and forest green in her Mega Shadow Palette. She explains "I wanted it to feel like we're in the wild, it's [all about] exploring and learning about the different tones of nature.” She also has neutral shadows with 3 different variations in Elements Mini Shadow Quad.

To complete the whole dreamy psychedelic experience from ‘Planet Her’, she also has Flora Blush catered for different skin tones, Prism Loose Highlighter, Blooming Mascara, Goddess Eyeliner, Mirage Lip Balm in different pigmentation shades, Muse Plumping Lip Gloss as well as a brush set. BH Cosmetics may be a certified Leaping Bunny Program brand, but they also still sell products with animal-derived ingredients, however, this collection is part of BH Cosmetics’ selection of vegan products. 

Having this makeup line, Doja Cat fulfilled her dream in owning the makeup line she has been wanting all along. She promises that she will help make ‘makeup’ as easy as possible for others yet still allows them to experiment. As she mentioned that she had a hard time figuring out the right technique, many palettes didn’t live up to the expectations. "I really wanted to see that happen when people got these products," she says in the same article with Allure.