As the number of people who eat a plant-based diet increases, people become more hungry for information about the vegan lifestyle, not just the diet, but also how eating plant-based can make a bigger impact on the environment. The Game Changers, for example, shows us that the structure of humans' teeth forms actually to eat plants instead of animals. 

And from the Cowspiracy documentary, we learned that Agriculture, Forestry, and Land Use (AFOLU) is responsible for nearly 24% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, which is almost double compared to the emissions from all kinds of transportation combined. Cited from Our World in Data, "But the global food system, which encompasses production, and post-farm processes such as processing, and distribution is also a key contributor to emissions. And it's a problem for which we don't yet have viable technological solutions." 

Shawn Stratton, the man behind the International Vegan Film Festival, is an international team building and leadership consultant, author, and professional speaker. Driven by his love for education, he devoted 15 years on expeditions around the world with brutal environments. Shawn and his family have been eating a plant-based diet since 2015 after watching several influential documentaries. 

The IVFF has been going on since 2018, it was called the Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival, and it took place in Canada's capital. This year, they will be holding it online from 10 to 17 October. They bring more than 25 vegan films to be presented, namely, Apocalypse Cow, Countdown to Year Zero, Humans and Elephants, and many more. Most of the movies talk about compassion towards animals, questioning people about their food choices, and about athletes who are thriving on a plant-based diet. 

The annual International Vegan Film Festival is not just going to present movies. Every year, it is also followed by a photo essay contest. The contest has one message: tell a story using the three to five images. The photos can cover a comprehensive arrangement of categories such as lifestyle, health, and nutrition, animal welfare, or environmental protection. Shawn believes this is a creative way to get more people participating in the Festival. 

Many vegan activists and media have been trying to increase public awareness of the importance of implementing a plant-based diet for some time, not only for health reasons but also for environmental sustainability. Nevertheless, many still ignore the urgency. Through art, in this case, movies or documentaries, this could actually be an effective way to move people's hearts and change their minds about their diet and lifestyle.