2020 has been a roller coaster for everyone. While the pandemic has made us live a little different, the pandemic also has shifted the way people look at their food. It has forced people to eat healthier, which includes incorporating more plant-based food on their plate, not only that, the pandemic also has taught us the importance of eating more sustainably. Let’s go back and see what happened in 2020, and why we think Veganism in Jakarta is at its peak and will continue to rise in the upcoming coming years. 

1. More Vegan Eateries in Jakarta

From Japanese inspired restaurants to heavenly chocolate snacks and desserts. We’ve seen several vegan eateries and cafes open this year, some of our new favorites vegan eateries are Treat Vegan, Tiasa, Sematjam, Vegan On Bowl, Her BoxBoxed Delights, Melts, Vegan Baby, Green Grills, and many more! 

2. Restaurants and Hotels Adding More Vegan Options

Starting with Pullman Hotel they were the first to launch vegan-friendly options at Makaron Bakeshop back in January, to an entirely new vegan brunch at Seed and Acta Brasserie and new vegan options at Riva Restaurant, and Queens Tandoor, 2020 has made hotels and restaurants more vegan friendly. Have you visited or tried the food from any of these places yet? 

3. Burgreens Launch The Green Butcher 

Offering “frozen” meals seems inevitable and one of the ways for FB business to stay afloat especially in the beginning of the pandemic. However, instead of making these options to be their way to survive. Burgreens saw a bigger opportunity in “Ready To Cook” meals, especially in plan-based/ meat alternatives. Re-creating the brand to Green Butcher that we all know today, Green Butcher is everyone's favorite “Frozen” and “Ready To Cook” meals not only enjoyed by vegans but for everyone who seeks more wholesome and healthier options. We are also excited to see the meat alternatives sectors next year as companies like Beyond Meat and OMNIMEAT are planning to enter Indonesia in 2021! 

4. Green Welfare Indonesia 

While we are all facing the uncertainty, there’s one thing that is certain, we all need to help each other to get through this pandemic. Founded by Nala Amirah, Green Welfare Indonesia aims to help the local community through donation while raising awareness about the importance of a plant-based diet and a sustainable lifestyle. As of November 3rd, they successfully raised Rp. 95.934.193 and donated over a thousand plant-based meals to underprivileged people across Jabodetabek.

5. Diam dan Dengarkan Documentary 

Diam & Dengarkan (Be Quiet & Listen) is a documentary born of contemplation during the Covid-19 pandemic. Narrated by some of the notable Indonesian actresses and actors such as Christine Hakim, Arifin Putra, Andien Aisyah, Dennis Adhiswara, Eva Celia, and Nadine Alexandra. This movie brings the topic of universal consciousness that includes the importance of eating more plant-based compared to a high meat diet. Already watched by over 3.3 million people by the time of the writing, Diam dan Dengarkan is one of the most powerful and game-changing documentaries in 2020. 

6. More Coffee Shops Are Offering Plant-based Milk! 

We are so thrilled that coffee-shops started adding more non-dairy options whether it being soy, oat, or almond. From local and international chains to specialty coffee shops, there are plenty of choices to get your daily caffeine dose without having to worry about the non-dairy options! Some of our favorites coffee shops are Kisaku, Kopi Biru, Suasana Kopi, and Fore Coffee. 

7. The First Plant-Based Meat Competition in Indonesia

Organized by Indonesia International Institutes for Life Sciences (i3L), the first and only life sciences higher education and research institute in Indonesia, the plant-based meat competition is one of the first to be held in Indonesia. 

8. Nusantic: The First Cruelty-Free Clinic in Indonesia

Collaborating with Jakarta Vegan Guide, Nusantic is the first clinic that provides vegan and cruelty-free packages. Selling products that are 100% natural and cruelty-free. They are also the only clinic that offers solutions to make skin healthier by paying more attention to the microbiome that is on our skin.

9. Woke Space 2020: Plantopia and Brightspot Virtual City 

Despite the pandemic, we are so glad that we were still able to bring you Woke Space this year, both virtually and face to face at Tribecca park, Central Park Jakarta. We are also thrilled to partner up with Brightspot, Indonesia's biggest creative industry marketplace and festival which went virtual this year and curated the vegan section and offered thousands of people be it vegan or not with some of the best plant-based food Jakarta has to offer! 

10. 13,790 Sign-ups for 21 Days Vegan Challenge! 

21 Hari Veg, is a nonprofit organization that focuses on encouraging people to try going vegan for 21 days has received almost 14 thousand signs ups! This means, more and more people in Indonesia are aware of the vegan lifestyle! And like it not, we can absolutely say, the future is vegan!