Who doesn't love slurping a mouthful of noodles or Bakmi? Its humble yet rich flavors made people fall in love with Bakmi. Though some people might roll their eyes when you say vegan Bakmi as it often uses pork or meat as part of the main ingredients, Vegan Bakmi can actually be as good if not better than a meat version, if you know where to find them! Luckily, we just found one! 

Formerly known as Bakmi William, Bakmi Vegan 99 has served its customers for over a decade with its authentic vegan and allium-free noodles. While noodle lovers or a first-timer might prefer their signature Bakmi, regular customers are spoilt with several other dishes and choices like kwetiau and rice dishes.

Situated in Jl. Alpukat 2 No 1, Grogol, Jakarta Barat. Getting to their location can be pretty tricky if you want to visit the shop by car as they aren't parking near the area. But if you manage to find the location, you'll be rewarded with a friendly smile from Ibu Nur, the noodle shop owner. As you enter the shop, you can instantly smell the soup from their hot boiling pot, which reminds you of how we get used to enjoying Bakmi.

With so many to choose from, their original vegan bakmi remains the crowd's favorite. A combination of freshly made noodles, bean sprouts, caisim, and crunchy topping made from mushroom and soy meat served with a bowl of hot soup. Their noodles are a comfort food we need to feed our soul! 

However, their pangsit was a little bit let down, they were too thick, and there's not much flavor inside. But if you like the experience of eating pangsit or dumpling with your noodle, their pangsit isn't that bad too! The shop is open every day from 7 am - 9 pm, and if you can't visit or go outside your house, they are also available on GoFood and GrabFood for takeaways.