In the midst of the pandemic, it didn't stop Beau Bakery from getting creative and exploring new ventures. Hitting the streets of Kemang with something new and fresh, Beau Pizza and Bagels serves you New York-style bagels and pizza. With the concept of an open kitchen complimented with bright colors makes it an instant go-to place to hang out in the area. 

Through their slogan "Started from Sourdough," all "bread" based foods are made of sourdough, hence it is 100% vegan. They shared how their sourdough starter is from way back when Ian Chin started to learn how to bake. Their menu ranges from pizza, sandwiches, platters, and bagels; for vegan and vegetarian menus, they label and list all the ingredients from each menu.

However, their vegan options are limited despite the sourdough they use being 100% vegan. For bagels, you can choose different types of bagels from plain, sesame, poppy seed, or everything that includes both sesame and poppy seeds and 3 different vegan options of schmear, including Tofu Cream Cheese, Scallion Tofu Cream Cheese, and Roast Garlic & Herbs. You can also customize your own bagel sandwiches. 

As for the bagels, they have a dense and somewhat crispy texture when eaten right after it is toasted; their Everything Bagel with Roast Garlic & Herbs Schmear is definitely our favorite for a sweet-ish bagel yet savory and salty from the Garlic & Herbs Schmear. Their Growing Boy pizza has a top-notch crust. They did an excellent job of making their own vegan mozzarella cheese out of cashews and a great balance of marinara; however, their topping selection was not really a fit.

Portion wise they were very generous and very much filling. But some of the vegan option toppings could use a little plant-based protein to balance out all the veggies topping. The same goes with their Caulifornia Sandwich, which was flavourful; especially since they use green and herbs for their sourdough, it is still missing that protein kick to it. 

Located in Jl. Bangka Raya no. 10, customers can dine in, deliver or eat it to-go. They have a spacious parking lot as well, which is worth mentioning since we are still in the pandemic era; you have the option to grab a bagel and to eat in your car while maintaining health protocols. Beau Pizza and Bagels are open daily from 7 am to 8 pm, perfect for an easy breakfast grab and dinners.