The pandemic has not only caused so many restaurants to close their doors. But at the same time, it also allows business owners to revamp and think of a way to adapt to the current condition by creating a product that focuses on the taste and nutritional value and its impact on the earth. That's how Ghea and Rezza, a couple who also founded Tiasa Plant Based, decided to create EATH

Hail from Bandung, EATH's second outlet, is the answer for customers in Jakarta who seek healthier fast food. Squeezed in between two other eateries, EATH is located in Jl. Bakti 1 No 12, Senopati. Entirely different from their sister cafe Tiasa, EATH centers their menu on their signature Meatless Chickin. Proving to their younger consumers that eating plant based food can be fun, healthy and tasty!

Using 100% plant-based, organic, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and msg-free ingredients, EATH ensures their food can be enjoyed thoroughly by everyone, including family and kids. Using soy meat that is coated with vegan batter, their chickin is deep-fried in coconut and canola oil to get that crispy and healthier fried chickin. Though some who are not fans of mock meat would prefer the size to be a bit smaller, we truly savored their tender and crispy chickin. 

For the flavors, you have a variety to choose from Garlic Parmesan, Korean Ghocuracha, Hickory BBQ, Mandarin Orange, Louisiana Cajun, and "Honey" Garlic. If you have trouble choosing the flavor, you can start with our favorite flavors, Garlic Parmesan a more cheesy and savory taste and the Korean Ghocuracha, a spicy, tangy taste with the perfect hint of sweetness. Though they are using the same chickin, they both tasted quite different yet very enjoyable. 

The crispy battered chickin served with rice and veggies or on its own is best consumed at the restaurant itself while it is still hot, however, if you chose to order online it tastes just as good. As an option, the customer can also have or add extra dipping sauce that is made daily to ensure its freshness and quality. 

For those on a journey of losing weight, you can worry less about consuming too many calories as they provide multigrain shirataki rice and organic brown rice, which we all know are the good kind of carbs that are both low in calories and high in vitamin and fiber whether you're on a journey to be healthier or want to eat good food. EATH is a fun approach that introduces people to eating more plants!