Started out in September 2019, husband and wife Handy and Lian, created GreenPlus Vegan out of the frustration of finding a good quality vegan food. Handy started being vegan in the 80s and has been on the hunt for top-notch vegan food all his life. Then Handy met Lian, who both likes to travel and eventually, they have looked for various vegan foods all over the world. From there, they tried to bring those flavours back to Indonesia and modified those flavours to match Indonesian people's tongue to make their signature GreenPlus Vegan mouth-watering fusion vegan dishes. 

GreenPlus Vegan specialises in fusion food from different places all over the world, they also focus on quality and the nutrition from the food they serve. Being in the health sector as Handy's background and Lian specialise in the kitchen, they have created all their menus healthy but not sacrificing the taste. All of their menus have gone through a serious R&D process that maintains the quality of their food. 

With a mix of Palembang and Manado heritage from Handy and Lian, for sure, they can guarantee a scrumptious as well as a flavourful meal every time. Handy and Lian shared with us how mainly they play around with different spices, beans and flavouring from the sea for their menus, and that is why they are making everything from scratch so we can expect authenticity from their food. 

Located in Ruko Arcadia Square No.15, Gading Serpong, GreenPlus Vegan provides a large parking space and easy access via Tol Jakarta - Tangerang. They also have a spacious sitting area where you can bring your whole family and friends for a big dinner. The clean ambience from GreenPlus Vegan welcomes you to the smell of fantastic spice sizzling from their food. With various menus they have to offer, customers' favourites are ranging from Ramyeon Jjigae with Kimchi, Green Plus Pindang Rice, Laksa, Pho Soup, Gyoza, and Crispy Oyster. 

Most of their menus try to use whole foods instead of mock meat, which sets GreenPlus Vegan apart. From their Korean dish, like Ramyeon Jjigae with Kimchi, they used their signature ramen and tofu. They have perfected making the best kimchi that tastes fresh and not too sour while not eliminating their original tang. Another favourite is their Laksa, the signature Singaporean dish, and here's where it gets interesting. 

For a 100% vegan Laksa, you can still taste the fishy flavours without eating seafood fixings. Definitely worth trying. The same goes for their Green Plus Pindang Rice, where you can really taste the original pindang broth without having to eat the pindang fish; they use tofu as a substitute and immerse it in a sweet yet tart soup for a wholesome meal. If you prefer snacking, their Gyoza and Crispy Oyster is not to miss. They both have a superb distinct taste and for sure will leave you munching on it in a flash.

With "Good food & full of memories" as their philosophy, Handy and Lian also mentioned that they wanted to create their menus so that all people can enjoy it. Therefore, GreenPlus Vegan is perfect for everyone whether you are starting as a vegan or have been vegan for a long time because they provide the most savoury and filling dishes. We definitely had a great time visiting them. Their store is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm so you can visit them for brunch, lunch and dinner!