Sometimes the best way to defeat the hot weather in Jakarta is to have a perfect swirl of soft-serve ice cream.  The soft-serve concept was first invented in the 1930s, it immediately gained popularity up until today. Being a vegan, there might not be many options for soft-serve ice cream, especially in Jakarta. However, the search is now over; after successfully building the excitement over their one-of-a-kind soft-serve ice cream by joining events, online deliveries, and collaboration with Honu, Lococo Creamy finally opened their very own store at Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII No.56B, Jakarta Selatan. 

Starting from making vegan ice cream for personal consumption and finally making it into a business, Lococo Creamery specializes in making mouth-watering vegan soft-serve ice cream. Made from almond and cashew milk as their base and only using raw organic ingredients such as cane sugar as their sweetener for all of their variants of ice cream, to ensure not only would customers enjoy the well-known creamy texture of soft-serve ice cream but also to prioritize the health benefits of using those certain ingredients in their products. That way, you can enjoy that perfect guilt-free soft-serve swirl. 

With "delivering happiness and raising health awareness through our products to everyone of all communities" as their vision, it became one of the reasons that drove them into opening an offline store to ensure the best quality for their customers. Offering an abundance of several unique flavors starting from Valrhona Fudge, Sea Salt, Valrhona Salt, Caffe Latte, Uh Bae, Blue Moon, Cereal Mylk, Cha Cha, Cereal Cha Cha all the way up to Es Pisang Ijo (seasonal flavor). However, customers might need to check what option of fresh soft-serve is available as they switch in between different flavors every day. 

Their Cereal Mylk, one of their best-selling flavors, is perfect for those who like the light sweetness for a delightsome flavor. They also provide Caffe Latte, their signature coffee flavor for all the coffee enthusiasts, which has the perfect balance of sweetness and the slight bitterness of coffee. However, if you are interested in a unique palate, you might want to try their Uh Bae flavor, for a new distinct taste as you can taste the sweet potato in the soft serve. 

With their offline store, you can try and enjoy the very flavorsome and visually appealing swirl of Lococo Creamery's soft serve that is not to miss. Serving its ice cream in both cups and cones, you can pick your own topping for free to compliment and give you that extra crunch or flavor. Their store is open from Wednesday to Friday from 11 am - 7 pm and on Saturday to Sunday from 11 am - 9 pm. So who here is looking forward to visiting Lococo Creamery after reading this article? Let us know what flavor you guys want to try!