There are loads of benefits when it comes to being a vegan, from the health benefits all the way to the environmental impact. Loka Padang believes in the betterness of the planet, where they focus on the importance of making a positive impact for the world whilst also making hearty meals at the same time. With “Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu” as their philosophy, Loka Padang exists to make it easier for anyone to make a difference in the world, starting from one meal at a time. 

Started in 2019, initially, Loka Padang focuses on veganizing Padang menus; eventually, they began to expand their menu to various Indonesian cuisine. For their meals, they mainly play around with different spices to create their mouth-watering dishes. In addition, they develop their own menus from scratch using no MSGs and other chemicals as they use whole foods for their meals. Loka Padang also has attempted to create less waste by using every part of their raw materials to innovating a new menu. 

As their mission is to impact the environment and everyone in it positively, Loka Padang has programs that make Loka Padang, not just a typical restaurant. Programs such as Berbagi Loka and Lokalkulator are done as a part of their contribution to the community. They also strive to be more conscious of their carbon footprint; that is why they try their best to have their ingredients locally sourced from urban farmers all over Jakarta. 

Located di Sudirman Park, Loka Padang has a unique interior that imitates traditional Padang restaurants with a clean ambiance. They have a decent seating area perfect for a quick lunch or dinner with family and friends. The most favored menus are their Dendeng Balado, Sate Padang, and their Soto Betawi from their various menu options. 

There are many options for their menus; you can choose one portion with several side dishes or pick ala carte options from the menu. We ordered one portion of rice with Dendeng Balado, Sayur Ubi Tumbuk, Rendang Jamur and Bakwan. For their Dendeng Balado, Loka Padang uses mushrooms and fried them with rice flour to create that chewy texture. 

Another favorite is their one-of-a-kind Soto Betawi, where they play with different textures from rice noodles and fried mushrooms. They also paired it with Perkedel and tomatoes which makes it a filling meal. Their satay options are also not to be missed, and our personal favorite was their Sate Ponorogo, where they braise mushroom stems in spices and serve it with a sweet peanut sauce. 

As for their light bites options, have a very flavorsome Martabak Kubang Loka where they use tofu with their own Kulit Martabak from scratch. In addition, Loka Padang offers catering where they also have nutritionist consultations for their customers for a more healthy meal. Dine-in is available from 10 am to 8 pm. However, takeaways are still available until 10 pm. They also provide frozen foods that you can buy from their Tokopedia store for a more convenient experience!