There are a lot of speculations on the hardships of being vegan, from the assumption that food options for a vegan are limited, hard to find or even that vegan food is expensive. Many of these assumptions are solved by the international food chain, Loving Hut. Loving Hut is a vegan restaurant food chain that exists across the world. Started in 2008, Loving Hut now has over 158 restaurants across 23 countries providing a lot of food options at an affordable price.

With the vision of all creatures, both humans, animals, and nature can live together in peace, love, and harmony, Loving Hut serves all kinds of food from light bites to main courses. They also use all kinds of meat substitute from soy protein, tofu, and tempeh for a more filling and wholesome meal. Their menus also range from Indonesian, Japanese, Western, Chinese, Thailand and Vietnamese for an intriguing dining experience. 

Loving Hut is located in several places in Jakarta but we managed to visit the one in Jatinegara Timur II No.9. Here in Jatinegara, they have a spacious dining area and they also provide parking spaces. They have a peaceful ambience that will accompany you whilst you devour their incredible dishes. Some of Loving Hutís favourites range from all types of food, from Chinese food they have Kingís Delight, a vegan fish from soy protein with their special Hong Kong sauce, to Indonesian gems such as Nasi Bali and Fancy Nut Satay. 

For relatively cheap prices they offer a generous portion, for their Nasi Bali, it comes with Nasi Kuning, Satay, Urap, Tempeh Balado and Spicy Jambalaya. The Nasi Kuning itself has a mild flavouring but it was fitting with the combination of their flavourful Tempeh Balado and spicy jambalaya. They also have various sushi options where their Tempura Roll is Loving Hutís top picks. Their Tempura Roll is very mouth-watering from using vegan tempura from soy protein and a slice of cucumber in each bite for a very appetizing dish to devour. 

They also make their own mayonnaise making it an authentic vegan meal. In terms of price, their food is relatively cheap with a range of Rp. 16,500 to Rp. 37,500, no need to worry about spending a lot of money to get good food. They also open every day from 8 am to 9 pm, thus you can visit them for a quick meal any time of the day!