The notorious haven for coffees, Cipete, just welcomed a new hidden gem spot in the area. Making the coffee scene more diverse and inclusive, Mad For Coffee offers the first plant-based coffee shop in Jakarta using 100% milk alternatives. Operating online since earlier this year, Mad For Coffee finally opens and allows customers to sip a cup of dairy-free coffee while enjoying a crispy sunny weather.

Putting the topic of lactose intolerance and the sustainable part of the dairy industry that many are not aware of, Mad For Coffee aims to solve and raise awareness about these issues through their coffee. Some of their menu includes the classic Americano, Soy Latte, Oatly Latte, Oatly Aren Lattes, and several signature drinks like Madly Caramel Macchiato and Madly Black Forest Latte. 

Range from Rp. 28.000 up to Rp. 38.000 via Mad Grass website and Rp. 28.000 up to Rp. 45.000 via other food delivery platforms. From the menus, customers are able to pick their choice according to their preference. Those who prefer a regular creamy and smooth latte can opt for an Oatly latte while those who prefer more nutty flavour latte could choose Soy Latte. You could also opt for the Aren Latte for a sweeter cup of coffee. 

As for their signature drinks, the Madly Caramel Macchiato is one of the crowd's favorites. It is a new take on the drink since Mad For Coffee created its own caramel sauce for the sweet and creamy blend. Mad For coffee also has several snacks options from the signature Vegan Fudgy Brownie, Vegan Coconut Bun, and Vegan Chocolate Bun. 

"It took around 6 months to create our lattes. We've tried several beans and almost all kinds of plant-based milk that are available in the market to find the perfect blend of coffee and plant-based milk," states Chandra Revo, CEO, and co-founder of Mad For Coffee. Revo continued, "We hope Mad for Coffee becomes a pioneer of plant-based coffee shops in Indonesia and acknowledged by the people. With our affordable price, we wish people would consider switching to plant-based coffee options because not only is it as tasty compared to dairy options, but it is also healthier and more sustainable." 

Customers can order through their store located in Mad Grass Collaborative Space and Cloud Kitchens at Jl. Asem II No. 27, Cipete, South Jakarta. Mad For coffee can also be ordered through online delivery platforms and Mad Grass' website for dine-in and takeaways.