It seems what everybody talks about these days is finding new cool places. Somewhere you can hang out with friends and take good pictures, but what are the odds that those places also serve good vegan options and also happen to be a Japanese restaurant? Sometimes it does hard to find, especially to find a place that caters to both non-vegan and vegan options. In Naked Ramen you could get those cute pictures and enjoy a quality vegan meal!

Conventionally ramen is served in a big bowl of soup, Naked Ramen took a different take on their food by serving dry ramen in a cup. Taking the ‘naked’ to a literal stance. Since it is served in a transparent cup, you can see the ramen through!. Very convenient to eat whilst you stroll around Urban Farm PIK, where they are located. And you can take cute pictures with it and the trendy spots!

They have all kinds of sauces to choose from, from carbonara to Samyang. Naked Ramen also has options for noodles, regular ramen, and shirataki ramen, this one is the vegan option. Then you can choose any flavors you would like on your plant-based ramen since they make sure to opt-out of the non-vegan toppings like eggs and meat protein. They also confirmed with us that they use margarine instead of butter for buttered corn.

They do offer a vegan bundle where you get two flavors, Truffle Maker Ramen and Miso Gar-Lick Chicken Ramen (they take out the chicken of course), and one Fried Naked Bites. As for the taste, it has a flavourful taste for dry ramen, and the additional toppings of mapo tofu, fried chickpeas, and sweet corn really tie the meal altogether. It is priced from Rp36.000 to Rp.60.000 per cup which is a little bit pricey for the size you get. 

Our personal favorite is the Truffle Maker Ramen since you can really taste the truffle without being too overpowering, especially eaten together with the tofu and chickpeas. Other than Urban Farm PIK, they also have another location in AEON MALL Sentul City and Mall Kelapa Gading. Open from 7 am to 9 pm you can eat the convenient meal for breakfast to dinner! Available for dine-in as well as any other online delivery platforms.