What began in 2015 as an online gelato shop, where plant-based wasn't commonly known as a mainstream lifestyle, Orvia was the first frozen dessert shop in Jakarta that offers guilt-free delectable gelato that is made 100% from plants. Noticing that many people enjoy heavenly desserts, Orvia aims to create gelato that everyone would love, even non-vegans and those who devour dairy ice cream. 

Popping in several local events like Jakarta Coffee Week and Eco Market, Orvia's exceptional selection of gelato made many people fall in love with their creations. One of their beloved flavors includes Martabak Kacang and Pisang Bakar, which is a must-try if you never tried their gelato. But if you are more of old-fashioned ice cream or sorbet fan, they got you covered with some classic flavors such as Cokelat Jawa Barat or their Seasonal Mango Sorbet. 

With the increasing demand for delicious vegan desserts, Orvia is finally settling down in Jl. Birah 1 No 8 Senopati to cater to their customers who live in the South and nearby area. With a spacious open space, Orvia welcomes those who enjoy a good dessert and like to feel good. With an array of new flavors that are authentic and unique, the shop also offers a vegan waffle that you could enjoy with your creamy gelato or fresh sorbet on top of a vegan waffle. 

With the different stories behind each flavor, customers are invited to be on a nostalgic journey rather than just having a cup of gelato or sorbet. So whether you need the treat to accompany your movie night or want to overindulge yourselves for the sweltering weather in Jakarta, get ready to be surprised with their rare and extraordinary one of a kind flavors!