Known for its vibrant culinary and nightlife scene, Senopati also hosts countless vegan-friendly and healthy cafes and eateries. In December, Senopati welcomed a new eatery, Piring Sayur, who's not new in Jakarta's plant-based catering scene. Lodged inside a lively space of Crumble Crew, Piring Sayur's passion for serving people in Jakarta with wholesome plant-based dishes can be tasted through their food. Serving authentic, tasty, and healthy plant-based meals, Piring Sayur believes eating should be something that makes people feel good about themselves.

Feeding people with plant-based foods since 2018, Piring Sayur has been serving food through their catering delivery service and several pop-up events and bazaars. And just like its name, Piring Sayur aims to provide its customers by creating a meal that is entirely made from plants with the intention to have a positive impact on the people, animals, and planet. 

While their core business is mainly focused on catering, where they provide a different menu every week, In this outlet, they bring some of their favored dishes such as Pempek, General Tso's, Southern Kyushu, and Mushroom Gyoza. If you are a first-timer and looking for guilt-free snacks, their Pempek and Gyoza are must-try dishes from Piring Sayur. Or if you come to Crumble Crew for a hearty lunch, their General Tso's and Southern Kyusu is immensely satisfying. 

Those still working from home, their sister outlet at Terogong, Pondok Indah, is available for takeaway. Offers similar meals to its Senopati outlet, Piring Sayur Terogong offers more options, including their special daily menu from their catering and collaboration menu with Nina Nikicio, a notable Indonesian Fashion Designer and healthy food enthusiast. On top of that, you'll also find some of the plant-based goods that they curated under Piring Pantry

When we asked Emily, one of the co-founders of Piring Sayur, why they created Piring Pantry, she said collaboration is vital to their business. "We embrace the power of many; instead of doing Piring Sayur by ourselves, we invite the community to collaborate and contribute together. We are now receiving a lot of products from small plant-based business lines that created amazing products but has no platform to sell and distribute them."