Australia is famous for its ever-evolving melting pot of history, food, and culture. With the influence of different cultures such as Western, Asian, Middle Eastern, and the Mediterranean, the country is now best-known for its sophisticated coffee cultures and world-class dining scene that has brought the new wave of coffee and brunch culture across the globe including Jakarta. 

One of the restaurants that are well-known for the exciting brunch menu in Jakarta is Seed. Situated in the corner of the ground floor of Plaza Kemang 88 since March 2019, this Australian inspired eatery aims to uplift the local brunch scene by offering its diners an eclectic all-day dining experience. From an array of renowned brunch feasts like Smash Avocado Toast, Green Hummus, to Quinoa Fried Rice, Seed promises its diners a twist of the classic and modern take on the Australian cuisine. 

Adding bountiful vegan options, vegans, and plant-based food enthusiasts can now rejoice and enjoy a satisfying brunch at Seed. What's more, Seed also offers plant-based milk alternative using Oatly, which we all agree that it's the best-tasting non-dairy alternatives for coffee. Now let's look at the three vegan meals we tried; sunflower, big breakfast, and their vegan pancake. 

The name of "Sunflower" might sound plain, but it was surprisingly tasteful. You'll probably think it's another over-priced salad that tasted bland or merely sour when you think of kale salad. But this one is exceptional, just like its name, it is served with creamy sunflower seed puree and crunchy multi-seed bar made of flax, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, and oats. The combination of these surely will make your mouth and body feel overjoyed. 

Moving on to the next dish is the big breakfast. Consist of baked beans, sliced avocados, sauteed mushroom, roasted tomatoes, baked potatoes, and well-toasted sourdough. Each item is well-seasoned and perfectly cooked with the right portion. This is a dish that will not disappoint, especially if you're a classic big breakfast kind of person.

Finally, If the big breakfast doesn't make you full or you love something sweet to kick off your day. Go after their vegan pancake, made of vegan batter, and served with maple syrup and cold nicecream; their vegan pancake hit the spot! And with a few more vegan and many other non-vegan options, Seed is an ideal place for you to enjoy a wholesome meal with family, friends, or your furry friend.