The Plant-based diet has become an ongoing trend for the past few years. Whether people adjust to a Plant-based diet due to religion, environmental, animal, or even health reasons. The awareness and wave of a plant-based diet continues to rise. Though Indonesia is rich with primarily plant-based ingredients, the stigma of people thinking that sustaining a plant-based diet is quite expensive and doesn't taste as good still lingers around people's minds and perceptions of a plant-based lifestyle. 

Since many people underestimate the taste and price of vegan or vegetarian food, not a lot of people are aware of Taman Palem. An area located on the outskirts of West Jakarta is known to be the haven for affordable vegan/vegetarian food, with a variety of options starting from Bakmi, Fried Rice, all the way to Nasi Padang; they offer all these dishes that are not only suitable for vegans and vegetarians but also people who are trying to find a healthier alternative. 

Created to help cater meals to vegetarian or vegan Buddhists around the area. Taman Palem is known to be a haven for vegan/vegetarian food, starting from Bakmi, Fried Rice, all the way to Nasi Padang, they offer all these dishes that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike. Ranging from various restaurants and prices, we came across one restaurant that caught our eye. Simply Veggie: Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe. Simply Veggie offers various food like Nasi Goreng, Bakmi, Bento Boxes, Bakso, and many more. In addition, they offer hearty vegetarian food that can easily be veganized. 

While the prices of their products are not overpriced, their portions are pretty generous. So we went in and ordered their Bakmi Ayam and Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin. The Bakmi came with a side of clear soup, vegan pangsit rebus, and a generous portion of noodles and 'chicken'. The flavor of the bakmi itself was quite pleasant and flavorful, and the clear soup balanced out the saltiness of the 'chicken.' 

The Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin, however, was outstanding. The 'Ikan Asin' fragrance and flavor were so mind-blowing as it tasted just like the real thing with the same chewy texture, combined with warm flavored rice and bean sprouts. This dish gave us the chance to reminisce on the taste of 'Ikan Asin' without enduring the cruelty. Simply Veggie: Vegetarian & Vegan Cafe is a place worth trying for those that want a different perspective on veganism regarding price or taste.