Indian food is known for its bold tongue-tingling flavours presented in a whole palette of flavours from sweet, sour to spicy in one go which at times could be overwhelming but exhilarating at the same time. However, with Accha Indian Soul Food, they are making authentic Indian food and making sure it still fits on Indonesianís palate! With many branches all over Jakarta and Bandung, Accha is a perfect go-to meal for everyone including vegans and vegetarians! 

They have various menus from biryani, curry, rolls, and wraps. As stated on their Instagram page they have 6 vegetarian menus and 2 vegan menus, even though it is not a lot but they still provide options. Accha offers 2 different size servings from a small serving to a regular serving, for one small serving, it is suitable for one person and the regular serving suitable for two persons making it an ideal size for to-go eating. For the vegan menus, they have Chana Masala and Yellow Daal both available as a rice bowl and full curry. 

Unfortunately, the vegan carbs that they offer to be paired with the curries are only rice, since their naan bread also contains egg. The Chana Masala Curry is made out of chickpeas in an onion and tomato masala gravy. It was a filling dish especially eaten with rice and it has a sweet yet sour taste to it, although it could use a little bit more of the spices to elevate the flavor but other than that it is still a rich Indian dish. 

The same goes with the Yellow Daal Curry, which was made out of protein-packed lentils cooked in spices as a hearty dish, it has a slightly sour taste than the Chana Masala and still could use a little bit of spicy kick to it. But with the subtle spices in both of these dishes, it might be more suitable for the Indonesian palate. Since most of the time, Indian foods provide the whole palette of flavors which in this case Accha's curry is not too intimidating on the tongue.

Accha is available in 17 locations in Jadetabek and Bandung, making it very accessible to order anywhere! However, they only take deliveries from online delivery platforms and their WhatsApp.