Taiwanese food is well known for its rich, aromatic, diversified flavours and is a go-to staple food for most people. Created from a place of comfort, Baonaparty is not to miss the veganized creations that have been made. Established this year, Baonaparty was driven by a simple desire to create a spot to hang out with a fully vegan place, especially in the Tangerang area, where there are still not many vegan places to go.

Specialising in vegan Bao, Baonaparty tried to recreate things from Asian cuisines that were not in Indonesia’s vegan scene. “Baos are special to me because it’s one of my favourite things to eat while I was in Melbourne. I live near a takeout that specializes in Baos, and I would get them almost every weekend. The same goes with all our dishes. These are the comfort foods that I grew up with, the classics that I wanted to recreate.“ stated Jason, the co-founder of Baonaparty, in our interview. 

Mainly Chinese food has two components – fan and ts’ai, fan being the fulfilling component such as carbohydrates and ts’ai, the supplementing dish of the meal. Most of Baonaparty’s menu incorporates the two components as they have different selections for baos, rice bowls, side dishes, and special menus like Korean Pancake.

As for the most favorable menu so far, the Katsu Bao and Katsu Curry claim many people as they are familiar with the dish. And we vouch for that! The bao itself has a very soft texture mixed with the crunchy katsu made from soy protein, together they make a perfect combination in your mouth! Not to mention other components of the baos like shredded cabbage, katsu sauce and vegan mayo to complete the bite. 

They also suggested the Gua Bao since it is their take on the original non-vegan dish, which is also not to miss. They use braised mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, peanuts, and chilli slices to resemble the original Gua Bao. We preferred the Korean Fried Chimkin as it has a somewhat sweet and sour taste from the gochujang sauce, and it goes with steamed rice, making it a very filling meal.

“For me, food is deeply emotional. We connect through food. For example, we have tumpeng for celebrations, we go on dates and eat, etc. For me, I used to go drinking with friends while eating Korean fried chicken and Korean pancakes.” states Jason in our interview, “I want to recreate those moments before I went vegan, where everyone enjoys each other's company. So through food that I have an emotional connection to, be it Korean, Japanese, South-East Asian or Chinese, Baona will try to recreate it.”

Baonaparty flagship store is located in Fresh Market Emerald Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan. They are available through online delivery platforms and dine in their outlets from 7 am to 8 pm on Tuesday - Sunday. They also recently joined the newly hyped Mad Grass Collaborative Space and Cloud Kitchens in Cipete and plan to open on Tuesday 21th September 2021.