In our previous article, we discussed how The Urgent Company, under the brand name Brave Robot recently launched an ice cream line using the base from animal-free whey protein. Our U.S-based contributor, Gerald Malvin, managed to get his hands on 2 of their flavors, PB N Fudge and Blueberry Pie, and give these revolutionary vegan ice cream his review. 

PB N Fudge

One of my favorite ice cream flavors is Peanut Butter, which is why I was very excited to try this. As I opened the seal, I could immediately see how creamy the ice cream looks. And when I dug my spoon into the ice cream, I was taken back by how soft and luscious the ice cream was without having much resistance despite just coming out of the freezer. 

The ice cream's flavor was exceptional; swirls of peanut butter and chunks of dark chocolate fudge make up for a tantalizing experience that is definitely the opposite of guilt-free. What surprised me more was actually the texture; the texture was exactly like regular ice cream creamy, rich, and not grainy like other vegan ice creams I've tried before. If I did not know that this was vegan ice cream, I would've assumed that I was eating regular ice cream. 

Blueberry Pie 

The second flavor that I bought was the Blueberry Pie, which was not a common ice cream flavor available in the market. As I opened the seal, I was quite disappointed that it looked white like a regular vanilla ice cream, even though I could see some slight purple streaks. The Blueberry Pie flavor from this ice cream was not as pronounced as the other ice cream's PB N Fudge flavor. 

Although I could taste some hints of blueberry, the vanilla flavor overpowers the blueberry flavor. The texture, however, once again delivers to its promise. The creamy texture was unmistakably like regular ice cream, except it's made from plants. One thing that this ice cream has is perhaps the lighter flavor that some people may enjoy. The flavor is not as rich as PB N Fudge and perhaps, one that people could eat more of in a sitting.

With so much vegan ice cream available on the market, none has successfully mimicked the taste and texture of regular ice cream until Brave Robot. Containing 850 calories in one pint on average, Brave Robot definitely is not your guilt-free ice cream per se. However, Brave Robot will definitely satisfy all your ice cream cravings in the sweltering summer heat without compromising the environment. 

Moreover, people with lactose intolerance like myself can definitely appreciate knowing the fact that I could enjoy a pint of rich, creamy, and luscious ice cream without having to take multiple bathroom trips afterward!