Who aren't familiar with Burgreens? Known as one of the pioneers of healthy plant-based restaurant chains in Indonesia, Burgreens provides a wide assortment of vegan options from Indonesian, Asian, as well as Western food. Not only serving top-notch vegan dishes, but Burgreens has always been forward on the health, farmers' welfare, and environmental sustainability part of their venture. 

Having been the cult favorite of the vegan and health communities, Burgreens has just released two new Asian-inspired menus, Hainan Chick'n Rice and Bubur A'yum, to join the family. Launched during the lunar new year, the two menus are created to satisfy those longing for that authentic oriental taste with a healthy twist. Using Green Rebel’s plant-based chick’n as their main protein, these two menus show us that everything can really be veganized. 

We decided to try their Bubur A’yum first to ensure it’s still warm. Served with shredded grilled chick’n, toasted soybean, fried dumpling skin, cakwe, and sambal on the side, their Bubur A'yum is at the price of Rp38.500, which is relatively cheap for the portion that you get. We enjoyed the Bubur A’yum as it remind us of that simple aromatic porridge at a local Chinese food stall. It also has a decent amount of flavors which some bubur ayam can get too bland at times. 

The Hainan Chick'n Rice is explained as a fragrant Hainan rice served with bok choy and clear soup on the side with a price of Rp. 68.200. With a generous portion and wholesome ingredients, the newly added Hainan Chick’n Rice is quite filling and satisfying. The broth is light and flavorful and both the rice and chick’n are also well-seasoned, giving that authentic yet wholesome taste that lives up to the description which makes you crave for more! 

If you are feeling sick or want to have comfort food that is both tasty and healthy, you can get these two new menus on any Burgreens branch near you. And if you are interested in their catering program, you can also add these menus to your catering! It is also available through your favorite online delivery platforms!