Notorious for its combination of different flavors, most Indonesian will agree nothing is better than good local cuisine. Especially with the bold and distinctive spices incorporated in each dish which makes Indonesian food the perfect go-to comfort food for many people. And now vegans won't have to bother finding good Indonesian comfort food anymore with the presence of Hejo Eatery!

With their tagline' Guilt-free Everyday Comfort Food', Hejo Eatery really lives up to the expectation of a wholesome Indonesian meal. Starting from a longing for Indonesian food, Hejo Eatery creates various kinds of vegan versions of local cuisine. Intending to introduce and invite people to know about plant-based foods, they come up with the #SenenHejo movement intended to create more awareness of the positive impact of eating plant-based foods.

The menu is varied from Ayam Geprek, Nasi Ayam Kalasan, Nasi Padang, Nasi Sate Madugas, and Nasi Jambal Lada Ijo to Sambal Terasi, a veganized version of some of the most beloved Indonesian dishes that everyone is quite familiar with. With a generous portion and reasonable price, customers can expect some tasty comfort food that helps them start eating more plant-based foods. We got a chance to try 3 of their menus, Nasi Sate Magudas Sambal Dabu Dabu, Nasi Ayam Geprek Low Gluten, and Pempek Dos Kates Vegan. 

Marinated with sweet soy sauce and spices and served with mixed steamed rice and sambal dabu dabu on the side, there's one word to explain their Sate Magudas ? intoxicating (in a good way)! It's sweet, spicy, and flavorful! Their pempek surprisingly tasted close enough to the real pempek. Crunchy with soft filling, it gives a satisfying experience served with a delightful, spicy, and sour balance! 

As for the Ayam Geprek, they successfully made a chicken substitution that mimics the animal-based counterpart. We wish they really smashed the chicken to get that authentic "geprek" experience. However, the dish's flavor was spot on, and the sambal complimented the whole dish. It's the ultimate comfort food that will never go wrong and will always satisfy your tastebuds! 

We also noticed that because they focus on takeaway food, their packaging and portion are well thought of. They're relatively quick in preparing the food, and the food arrives just like it's served fresh and can easily be reheated. For those who want to try these scrumptious dishes, Hejo Eatery currently has 3 branches: Kemang, Setiabudi, and Bandung.

You can find Hejo Eatery your favorites through your favorite online delivery platforms or WhatsApp! They also provide catering services if you wish to have a meal plan.