With an on-the-go lifestyle where everything is in a rush, sometimes itís hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, particularly in the pandemic where being fit and healthy is key. Thatís what Kini Daily is for, quick pre-pack smoothies and a very versatile healthy product for people on the go. Especially with smoothies, itís hard to go wrong with natureís dessert!

Kini Daily started with the idea of sharing one of Gillianís - one of Kini Dailyís owners, favorite refreshments, smoothies with an easy yet delicious recipe. She shared with us how sometimes people find it challenging to choose a good combination to make smoothies, especially for those who are not familiar with healthy foods. With a lot of brainstorming, she shared this idea with her partners, and Kini Daily was born!

Kini Daily is also perfect for those who are starting to get into a healthy lifestyle, particularly in adding superfoods to their diets. Some people might be confused on how to use superfoods like chia and flax seeds properly, and in the end, it is very common that they will use them once and end up turning them into food waste. However, with Kini Daily, people can experiment with superfoods since every pre-packed Kini Daily consists of superfoods.

With a lot of mix and match, Kini Daily finally came down to 5 original flavors, PB & J, Tropical Colada, Green Ranger, Glow Booster, and Forest Green. The superfoods Kini Daily uses are chia seeds, flax seeds, cacao, goji berry, and spirulina. They also added 2 more flavors, Coffee Date and Chocolate Dreams, for more creamy and indulging flavors. 

All of Kini Dailyís products are all-natural without preservatives as well as vegan-friendly as they donít use any animal products; they opted out of the honey with dates as their natural sweetener. For Chocolate Dreams, you also donít have to worry because they use raw cacao, which is high in antioxidants and 100% vegan!

To make Kini Dailyís smoothie is very easy, just pop one pack into the blender and add as little or as much of your preferred plant-based milk. By adding just a little liquid to the mixture, you can get a refreshing smoothie bowl or add more for a regular smoothie; you can easily play around with this very versatile product!  

If you prefer a more fresh and refreshing smoothie, you can opt for Tropical Colada, Green Ranger, Glow Booster, and Forest Green since they use mainly sweet and tart fruits. And for a more creamy and sweet smoothie, you can opt for PB & J, Coffee Date, and Chocolate Dreams. All of these have a sweet enough taste, yet if you prefer to be sweeter, you can always add more dates or your preferred sweetener.

Kini Daily is priced from Rp40.000 - to Rp 45.000, and you can get a cheaper price through the bundles. You can order Kini Daily through Shopee, Tokopedia, and WhatsApp. Kini Daily also shared an exclusive with their upcoming 3 new flavors! Make sure you check out their socials for more information!