Though it might not be the most popular cuisine, Minahasan or Manadonese food has founds its place in many Indonesian hearts for its rich flavor and spiciness. Its abundant options of fish and other animal-based protein ingredients made people love manadonese foods. However, its vegetable dish shows how diverse and rich their cuisine is and made people love manadonese even more! 

Heavily relying on local ingredients and spices like chili, garlic, ginger, galangal, basil leaf, and lemongrass, some of their dishes, such as Woku and Rica-Rica, have become everyone’s favorites dishes and have become a staple menu in many Indonesian restaurants or food stall. Featuring the same way of cooking, Mad Grass decided to create authentic manadonese food entirely made from plants. 

Opened in 2021 in Cipete, Mad Grass has been serving its customer with numerous affordable, delicious plant-based dishes. Aiming to provide exciting new offerings, Mad Grass decided to develop and create several signature dishes. Its first menu focuses on making 100% entirely plant-based Manadonese foods. Some of their new menu include Nasi Cakalang Rabe Rica and Nasi Ayam Woku. 

Those who enjoy sweet and spicy sambal should try their Rabe or Garo Rica. It comes with three different options of plant-based meat that mimic the different types of protein and offer different textures and flavors. The dish is served with steamed white rice, tofu scramble, and fresh veggies; customers can also upgrade their meal with additional fried corn fritters, tofu, and tempeh. 

Nasi Ayam Woku can be your go-to option if you seek uncomplicated comfort food. It’s a well-seasoned, humble, and well-portion dish that will please your taste buds. On top of their signature dishes, Mad Grass collaborates with OMNI, a Hongkong-based plant-based meat company, by offering three dishes using their meat alternatives product such as OMNI Mee, Nasi OMNI Garo Rica, and OMNI Wonton. 

You can order these new menus at all Mad Grass online food delivery platforms or through its website between 11 am - 8 pm every day except on Wednesday. Priced from 20K to 45 K, they currently offer a special discount for its OMNI products. Head on over to its Instagram page for more information!