Kenari nut is one of the underrated superfoods that can only be found in Indonesia. They are rich in antioxidants and high in omega-3 acids, which are good for protecting our bodies from free radicals. They can also protect you from a variety of diseases as well as can also reduce the risk of heart diseases. And with those many benefits, who would've thought you could get it in the form of delicious frozen treats?

Incorporating the Italian artisanal method, cutting-edge food technology, and high-quality natural and earth-friendly ingredients, Nth Wonder uses kenari nuts to create their gelato base to make a perfect buttery composition from the high concentration of oleic acid. It also resulted in a creamy gelato with less saturated fat, high protein, and more fibers and minerals. 

Known as the "Tree of Hope," where they help soak up CO2 and promote biodiversity in rainforests, Kenari is also a more sustainable nut option because it uses less water to grow compared to other nuts such as almond or cashew. To ensure the quality, they hand-picked their kenari nuts from Indonesian rainforests, and by having a scoop of their gelato, you could actually help save the Indonesian rainforests. 

Nth Wonder comes with three sizes to choose from assorted flavors. They currently have three regular flavors in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry and three specialty flavors in Hazelnut, Pistachio, and the newest limited edition Salted Caramel as a collaboration with Jakarta Animal Aid Network

Our two favorites are the pistachio and Salted Caramel. As for the pistachio, you can taste the pistachio without it being too sugary, and you can almost taste the savory flavors in the pistachio as well! The Salted Caramel lives up to the name; the combination of sweet and salty is perfect! Not to mention there are these tiny chunks of vegan cookies that made it more tasteful! Honorary mention to their Hazelnut tastes very similar to one of the notorious hazelnut spreads!

Nth Wonder's gelatos are priced at IDR 39.000 for the baby pint, IDR 69.000 for half a pint, and IDR 119.000 for the entire pint, but you can get promos and bundles through several e-commerce sites or online delivery platforms!