Getting a dish with various plant foods such as whole grains, vegetables, beans, seeds, and nuts in one meal used to be difficult and expensive. Thanks to Nutsy Bowl, eating a complete plant-based dish is a lot easier and more affordable now! Incorporating nuts and soy meat as their primary protein source, Nutsy offers quick, yummy, nutritious, and affordable rice bowls! 

Opened in January 2020, Nutsy Bowl creates various kinds of vegan rice bowls. They focus on rice bowls because it's a convenient and easy meal for anyone to devour. Although rice bowls are simple and quick meals, Nutsy Bowl still offers wholesome meals by incorporating vegetables, nuts, and seeds into their rice bowl. They also provide an authentic flavor that is still familiar to the non-vegans palate. 

Some of their signature menus include Spicy Mentai, Rendang Padang, Salted (V) Egg, Char Siu BBQ, and gluten-free Dendeng Suwir. All of their rice bowls are served with some mixed nuts, thin fried potatoes, and a mix of red and white rice for that guilt-free yet satisfying meal! They also make the food from scratch! For example, their Rendang Padang is made of fresh mushrooms and some spices for that extra kick and bold flavor. 

The same goes with their Dendeng Suwir, which has a perfect chewy texture to it and a good amount of spicy flavor. Then there's the Spicy Mentai, one of their best-selling items, and they use some nuts and soy meat for the meat substitute and a generous amount of vegan mayonnaise to top it off; this one will make you go, how can this be vegan!  

During the interview, they shared the fun meaning behind their name. While their two main ingredients, nuts, and seeds, are sources of protein needed in a plant-based diet. Nutsy also means insane, and they want people to rethink what a plant-based diet is. Their tagline "Seriously, plant-based?!" also expresses that most people still can't believe that vegan food can be tasty as non-vegan ones. 

Nutsy Bowl costs under 50,000 rupiah, which is relatively affordable for a generous amount of food. For those who want to try their rice bowl, Nutsy Bowl currently has 3 locations in Kelapa Gading, Bendungan Hilir, and Cipete and is available for deliveries and pick-up!