In the following year, the vegan community has been expanding in a fast pace. Opening up new opportunities to collaborate with and grow stronger as an industry. Creating more options for consumers and to grow creatively as a brand whilst exploring new innovations.

This November 2021, Indonesian brand Kyuri and Baonaparty took the chance to share double happiness in a box with their new collaboration. With the two brands located in Mad Grass Collaborative Space and Cloud Kitchens which has created the advantage for the two brands to invent four new creations to try.

With Kyuri known for their one-of-a-kind vegan burgers and Baonaparty for their notorious asian fusion, they have created an utmost breakthrough in this collaboration. These four menus you can choose from, Mushroom Cheesebaoger and Mushroom Katsu Bao by Baonaparty and Spicy Pop Chick Burger and Crispy Chick Burger by Kyuri.

As for Baonaparty’s menu, they play around with textures as they manage to combine Kyuri’s soft mushroom patty and Baonaparty’s fried bao for their Mushroom Cheesebaoger, very on brand for Baonaparty. The second menu is also very appetizing as they use Kyuri’s katsu patty wrapped in their fried baos with gochujang coleslaw in line with Baonaparty’s asia specialty.

Through their rebranding of Kyuri, this collaboration is spot on for the brand. Kyuri shared with us how customers will get a tasty burger fusion which is mixed between Kyuri's flavor and Baonaparty's flavor in burger shape.

Inspired from Baonaparty’s KFC Bowl, Kyuri manage to combine their “chicken” with Kyuri’s spicy sauce in their Spicy Chick Pop to create that ‘pop’ of hot flavour in the mouth. And their Crispy Chick Burger is inspired from the notorious McSpicy counterpart through a simple crispy patty in a burger.

“Through this collaboration, we expect people to just enjoy it and expect more of these collabs. It is so much fun going through the process, I can discuss new innovations with Biman and Mas Arga of Kyuri. There’s definitely trial and error which is tiring but it is fun regardless” states Jason of Baonaparty.

Customers can enjoy this collaboration all through the month of November and can be ordered through Mad Grass Collaborative Space and Cloud Kitchens’ platforms. Prices range from Rp 30.000 to Rp 32.000 each and you can get it for cheaper when you buy in a package with the addition of fried fries in each package.