What most people will assume when they hear vegan food is cheap is probably the assumption of eating in warteg or cooking on your own that is why it is cheap but saying vegan food is cheap is getting less valid each day. Indonesiaís Food Start-Up OFF FOODS is taking the affordability of vegan meals to another level. After numerous collaborations with restaurants all over Indonesia, they are finally opening a pop-up kitchen in Mad Grass Collaborative Space and Cloud Kitchens for Veganuary!

With Ray Janson as OFF FOODS Kitchen Innovation Director, OFF FOODS has been allowing Indonesians to celebrate veganized versions of their favorite traditional recipes in a more sustainable yet affordable way, making it not only sustainable, affordable, and accessible but also tastes good amongst its customers. 

After collaborating and creating various menus, OFF MEAT takes another approach with their menu in Mad Grass. In their pop-up kitchen, they serve their rendition of meatless fried chikín for only 15k Rupiah and addition of 5k Rupiah for rice with 3 different flavors to choose from, Glazed Korean Soy Garlic, Classic American, and Sweet Spicy Korean Sauce.

It is a very practical meal for to-go with perfect portions. For the chikín, it is very crispy, and it has a somewhat sweet taste to it, good enough to eat on its own. If you prefer to eat it with rice, both the Glazed Korean Soy Garlic and Sweet Spicy Korean Flavour are the way to go. You should definitely go for the Sweet Spicy Korean Flavour if you prefer a little bit of spicy flavor and the Glazed Korean Soy Garlic for a more sweet-savory taste.

Worry not! You can enjoy OFF MEAT in Mad Grass throughout January alongside Veganuary. A perfect start for those who want to try out veganism! You can order through online delivery platforms and the Mad Grass Website. It is also available for dine-in in Mad Grassís space! For more information, you can follow OFF MEATís Instagram and Mad Grassí Instagram!