Who got busy spoiling their sweet tooths with the help of Jakarta Dessert Week the past two weeks? Show us a hand! From November 28 to December 11, the iconic marketplace served up plenty of sweet delicacies to the city’s numerous dessert lovers. 

Out of all the fully vegan treats showcased above, which one(s) did you get your hands on? While you feast on the images above, keep scrolling to relive the festivity!

Kue Sagon Ice Cream Sammich by Lococo Creamery

Imagine a mouthful of ice cream block flanked by crispy, savory crackers made of glutinous rice flour and shaved coconuts. Every bite is a guaranteed explosion! Best served cold and together with your nearest and dearest, Kue Sagon Ice Cream Sammich comes in three flavors: Coco, Matcha, and Valrhona. 

Chunky Barks and Chocolate Overnight Oats by MELTS

Made with whole wheat croutons and almond slices, Chunky Barks are chunks of pure decadence, especially since they contain 55% dark chocolate! There’s also Chocolate Overnight Oats, which you can simply douse in your favorite plant-based milk, pop in the fridge overnight, and start the next day with!

Vegan Swedish Semlor (Semla) Bun and Tapemisu by Nyamman Bites

Specifically crafted just for Jakarta Dessert Week, this twist on the traditional Swedish cream bun uses a mixture of cardamom and almond for its creamy filling, cushioned by a pair of fluffy buns. 

Feeling more Italian than Swedish? Tapemisu to the rescue! A unique take on tiramisu, the gluten-free dessert uses fermented cassava tape blended with matcha spread from MELTS. Try it and your mouth will thank you!

Kue (Lapis) Pepe Gelato and the Holiday Classic Series by ORVIA

Known for its one-of-a-kind takes on popular Indonesian snacks, ORVIA's latest innovation is Kue (Lapis) Pepe Gelato, inspired by the springy and colorful sago-based Betawi snack. We hope you also got to taste the Mint Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel flavors from Jakarta Vegan Guide and ORVIA's The Holiday Classic Series!

Assorted Scones by Rumah Juliet

A friend for scones? Rumah Juliet makes not one or two but six for you! The vegan bakery’s Assorted Scones are available in six flavors: Original, Hazelnut Chocolate, Tomato Cheddar, Blueberry, Earl Grey Caramel, and Matcha White Chocolate. And yes, they’re all egg-free and dairy-free… 100% Vegan Love!