Kemang is home to numerous restaurants, cafes, lounge and bars with a colorful variety of cuisines. And over the last 50 years, Kemang has transformed its prominence from plantation and settlement area into a bustling place that offers a vibrant culinary experience that attracts both the locals and its international residents. 

Planted in Jl. Kemang Utara's ring, Treat Vegan, comes to add color to Kemang's current food scene. While they do welcome its guest to visit their store, we highly encourage you to check their map and find out how you can park your vehicle due to their concealed location. But if you manage to visit this place, you'll be rewarded with a relaxed yet playful atmosphere. 

Despite their humble-size, their menu is moderately refreshing. Serving guilt-free comfort food with Filipino and Asian twists, you can expect to be spoiled with their home-cooked treats that are unique, nourishing, and pleasurable. Though they claim that their dishes should be enjoyed as a light meal between lunch or dinner, some of their dishes can be quite satiating.  

Let's start with the first two dishes that we feast, the Vegetaballs. Made out of tofu, mushroom, and some special herbs, the "meatballs" were quite juicy and nicely pan-fried. If you look at their menu card, you'll see them in two different options, Tofuel Up and Asian-Style. Though they use the same 'meatballs," they succeeded in making these two dishes into two distinct dishes that are satisfying and can certainly be something you can have when you tend to feel a bit peckish. 

As the name suggests, you can't visit this place without indulging yourself with some treats, and trying their signature dish called Halo-Halo which is a must-try! If you are not familiar with this dish, Halo-Halo is a popular Filipino cold dessert that took over the New York food scene in the last few years. 

While the original version of Halo-Halo might include dairy, their take on the Filipinos most famous dessert was nearly as good as the original one. Consisting of coconut milk, crushed ice, pineapple slices, sweet red bean, and a scoop of Ube "ice" cream on top, this dish is the perfect treat to get through the Jakarta's current sweltering heat!