Started out as a platform for  sharing recipes, reviewing and educating people in hopes of guiding people to be vegan or simply nutritionally curious, Vegan Baby wanted vegan to be a fun and playful topic. From educating the public about veganism with a pop culture content approach, Vegan Baby started out as another vegan reviewer on Instagram turning into one of Indonesia's favorite vegan brands!

Katia, the founder of Vegan Baby, said that on the Vegan Baby platform she likes to prove that anything can be veganized, when she uploads her recipe to make a veganized menu of something, many people like to comment that they want to order her creations since back then there are less options. From there, after she graduated college Vegan Baby was born to be a F&B brand.

After getting many orders on all different kinds of menus, a lot of people outside of Jakarta are curious about Vegan Baby and it is one of Katia's dreams for people all over Indonesia to taste Vegan Baby or maybe even the world! Then what started from night cravings came over an idea, that ever since she went vegan she craved everyone's favorite instant noodles and she hasn't found a vegan option like it.

She thought about how she wanted to make a veganized version of something very local, something that is close to everyone in Indonesia, which she thought Indomie is the answer. “I want it to be a veganized version of something very local, a product that is very close to the hearts of Indonesians. And I couldn't think of anything else except Indomie. It's everyone's favorite comfort food!!” she shared it with us.

One word on the taste: NOSTALGIC, definitely hits the mark on recreating the counterpart or even they did make it better!. Vegan Baby instant noodle is made without preservatives, low in gluten, low in calories, and allergen friendly. Inside the colorful packaging lies the noodles with the combination of the best superfoods, Spinach Spirulina and Beet Carrot making it a good source of fiber. 

Note that it only has 97 kkal of calories, perfect for those who are also on a diet. They also bake the noodles in the oven. You can order them through Tokopedia, Shopee and Lazada for only Rp56.000 per 4 pack. And for international orders you can also order through their WhatsApp number via Vegan Baby’s instagram!