We all know that this is the time when we have to be aware of what we're eating and put into our bodies because of the pandemic that occurs all over the world. One of the things that we can simply do is change our diet into a plant-based diet, or to eat more plant-based food and reduce meat consumption at the same time. Fortunately, for you, a vegan, or even those who are just trying to eat more plant-based foods, 2020 is the time when we can find a variety of delicious plant-based food options because more people become aware of the vegan lifestyle. Just like one of this vegan/vegetarian restaurant that is located in Pasar 8, Alam Sutera. 

They serve "Nasi Bek Vg" (Vegan version of duck rice) and "Nasi Yam Kremes Vg" (Vegan version of Indonesian crispy chicken), that will make you want to thank the owner for making these menus after you tried it. Nasi Yam Kremes Vg is one of the dishes that will blow your mind on the first bite. It's basically a vegan chicken, that infused with Indonesian fried chicken seasoning served with fried tofu and tempeh. The "chicken" was topped with the Indonesian version of crispy flakes (Almost similar to the tempura flakes that we can find in Japanese Restaurant), which become a key ingredient to this menu (otherwise, it'll not be called Nasi Yam "Kremes"). 

What makes this menu a little bit different from other restaurants which served the same menu was because of the main ingredient that is used to make the vegan "chicken" was made from gluten, a kind of protein that we can find in wheat germ. It is rare to find it in vegan restaurants in Jakarta. Most vegan restaurants in Jakarta use soy or mushrooms as the main ingredients to make a vegan "chicken."  

Then, what makes the gluten vegan "chicken" so special? A vegan "chicken" that was made from gluten has a unique texture. It's kind of chewier than the soy version of vegan "chicken", which made the texture a bit similar to chicken skin. When you taste the first bite of the chicken, the experience is almost the same as when you eat fried chicken skin (if you ever had crispy chicken skin in taichan satay outlet before). 

It is well seasoned, and that you can taste the flavor from the first bite until the end. The "chicken" went perfectly with the crispy "flakes." They are quite generous on serving the crispy flakes, so you don't have to worry about not getting the crunchy texture. They also serve this menu with sambal on the side, that'll make this menu more flavourful. 

If you love a sweet flavor in your main meal, then, you have to go for the Nasi Bek Vg. The vegan "duck" tasted like a roasted duck that you can find in many Chinese restaurants. It has a sweet flavor similar to the taste in roasted duck sauce. The vegan "duck" was also made from gluten. It was shaped larger than the vegan "chicken" version. 

Due to larger shape, the vegan "duck" texture didn't appear as chewy as the vegan "chicken." It's a bit softer in terms of texture that makes it easier to chew. Unlike Nasi Yam Kremes Vg, this menu didn't go with the crispy flakes, so it won't be a good choice if you want something crunchy in your meal. But, you don't have to worry, because the tempeh was cut and fried perfectly so it may provide some crunchiness for you.