Vegan pregnancy has become quite a stigma in society. Many people consider it dangerous to go vegan during pregnancy, for it may cause nutrient deficiencies. Cited from Is It Safe to Follow a Vegan Diet While Pregnant? Vegan women may have a lower risk of postpartum depression, cesarean section (C-section) delivery, and maternal or infant mortality. Being a vegan itself could be troublesome for some people, imagine being a vegan while pregnant. Yes, it is hard but possible. Being well prepared is the key. 

Our beloved and adored singer, Andien, decided to go full plant-based with her second pregnancy. It all started when she was eating red meat, and she felt nauseous all of a sudden. As a meat-lover, she thought it was strange to keep feeling nauseous every time she consumed meat until later on; she found out that she was pregnant, and then she went on a fully plant-based diet, that she continues doing even after the labor.  

The main questions about vegan pregnancy would be, "is it safe?" and "how do I make sure to fulfill the nutrition I need?" and "what are the benefits?" So, is it safe? Yes, it is safe. Not only is it safe but, it also gives us several benefits. On her Instagram live, Andien invited Dr. Drs. Susianto to talk about being a vegan during pregnancy. Dr. Drs. Susianto said it is safe to go vegan during pregnancy as long as we keep all eyes on the food we consume. 

Pregnant women have to eat balanced nutrition, which can be achieved even if they are vegan. Fruit and veggies are a must, leaving us with a choice between animal or vegetable protein, which means the animal protein can be substituted with the vegetable ones. Dr. Drs. Susianto himself is a father of two vegan children, so we all can be sure he knows what he's doing. 

Eating for two is challenging yet a blessing. Putting extra consideration of our foods will always be worth it for us and also for the baby—the smallest thing such as morning sickness, for example. Andien told us on her IGTV that she didn't feel any nausea or sickness after going full plant-based. Going full plant-based also reduces the risk of diabetes for the mother and reduces the risk of obesity, eczema, asthma, and reduces exposure to toxins in foods that cause ADHD and autism for the baby. Andien added, "I feel my body is lighter than before, and both mine & Tabi’s moods become better. It is as if there is no baby at home because Tabi is pretty chill for a newborn baby." 

Collaborating with Burgreens, Andien said on her Instagram live with Max Mandias, the co-founder and executive of Burgreens that she did not even experience any break out on her face on her second pregnancy, unlike her first pregnancy, where she still experienced morning sickness and break out. Andien mentioned on her Instagram live that she substituted the animal protein with plant-based protein like tempeh and quinoa. She also still took pregnancy supplements even after labor, to make sure. Burgreens launched a pregnancy meal plan called ANNAPVRNA. Further info can be found on their website.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash