Attention to all animal lovers out there: your passion for cruelty-free brands has grown throughout the years. In fact, finding products that don't test on our furry friends has never been easier, with both indie and big-name brands like Tarte, Lush, Milk Makeup, Kat Von D, and more all pledging the cruelty-free promise, cruelty-free is finally becoming the new standard in the beauty industry. 

Thanks to more people migrating to vegan and ethical lifestyles and thereby demanding animal-friendly beauty industry options. Although living in Indonesia doesn't make it easy for us to access the international brands we frequently hear about in the Makeup world, here are some local brands that are offering 100% cruelty-free and many even vegan-friendly products!  


Looké Cosmetics is a local Indonesian brand that is concerned with health and environmental issues by accentuates vegan, cruelty-free, and halal ingredients. Taken from a French word, which means presenting a stunning appearance, Looké hopes to help everyone to be able to express their uniqueness freely by creating a signature look that they feel comfortable with in order to become the best version of themselves. 

Launching their newest product Holy Lip CrèmeThis Holy Lip Crème will give a true matte finished look. it's lightweight and lasts for hours. With additional of nourishing ingredients, it will give a non-drying feeling and glide smoothly on your lips. Coming in 6 shades: Artemis, Hera, Thalia, Irene, Gaia, & Hebe. 


There is no doubt that foundation plays an important part in your makeup routine. Finding a really good quality foundation that is affordable and cruelty-free is quite hard, but here we have the perfect solution to offer: BLP #FACEIT face base is a weightless formula that feels like wearing nothing on your skin. It delivers natural, medium coverage and sets into a radiant, flawless finish. 

More than what it looks on the skin, Face Base is a complexion game changer as it is packed with skin-friendly ingredients like chamomile extract, allantoin, and caffeine. Dermatologically-tested, non-comedogenic, and free from fragrance, one pump will be enough to cover your entire face. This ultimate base stays for hours, with extra UV protection. 


This specific product has caught a lot of attention in the beauty world here in Indonesia. Founded by 2 Indonesian beauty gurus: Vinna Gracia and Cindercella, they are offering you vegan & cruelty-free products. One of their popular products is their 'Minuet Palette' Multi-tasking eye and complexion palette. 

A high-performance multi-tasking palette with 4 eyes and 4 complexion colors. The bold earthy matte shades balance nicely with the shimmery hues, wearable for all skin tones. With such a compact shape, it's the perfect travel companion.


The revolution of brows has evolved starting from the 1990 skinny brows, 2005 natural brows, 2017 Instagram brows, and the list go on and on. Rollover reaction has come out with a product that will help you keep your brow #onfleek with very minimal effort.

 The browcara brow gel is geared with a spoolie applicator gives a subtle, natural finish. Created to groom bare brows or be used as the last step of your eyebrow routine when you're going for a bolder look. Available in Espresso (dark brownish-grey) and Cappuccino (medium brown). 


Lastly, Runa Beauty. RUNA offers clean, healthy, skin-loving formulations. We follow everything back to the source. If we don't clearly see indigenous regions or partners that are ethical through and through, we charted another course. With every effective product they design and formulate; they claim put sustainability at the core of our foundation! All RUNA products are formulated without Gluten, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates & Synthetic Fragrances. Just launching their newest product: Moonflush. 

A unique cream-to-powder blush that offers a healthy satin finish. The remarkably soft and lightweight formulation feels like silk upon application, ensuring a soft-focus, natural, seamless result. The non-waxy texture will not break through makeup and clog pores, making it an excellent touch-up tool throughout the day. It is also available in 5 shades: Juno, Maia, Lyria, Aries, & Artemis. 

Photo by Sound On from Pexels