Founded in 2015 by two sisters, dr soap was formed due to the low awareness of personal hygiene in Indonesia. Providing a wide range of antiseptics and premium products for personal care and household cleaning needs, dr soap aims to offer the finest specialty chemical products that are both powerful and environmentally friendly with an exceptional design that sets them apart from many other brands. 

Cited from their official website, all of their products are developed with premium ingredients and formulations. Using both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients, all of their products are safe, free from harsh chemicals, biodegradable, eco-friendly, halal-certified, concentrated, chlorine-free, paraben-free, phosphate-free, cruelty-free, and professionally made. 

Focus on the latest innovation, dr soap has collaborated with over a hundred retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and public places in many cities across Indonesia, making dr soap the pioneer of premium hygiene products in Indonesia. With a passion for the better future of the planet, they also actively continue to improve its packaging to be more environmentally friendly while also educating its consumers on the importance of a conscious lifestyle. That is also the reason why they finally launched a new campaign. 

To celebrate their 6th anniversary and as a part of their CSR movement #drsoapHealsEarth, dr soap recently launched a short movie campaign called 'What We Save Now, Will Save Us Later' with the goal to inspire and raise awareness about some of the issues surrounding the environment. Collaborating with Indonesian environmentalist, media, and communities such as Nadine Alexandra, Jakarta Vegan Guide, Lyfe With Less, and Sebumi, they successfully show their consumers that every small action matters. What we save now will save us later. 

Whether taking part in reducing waste, embracing a more conscious lifestyle, or adopting a plant-based diet, dr soap believes that small acts could transform the world into a better place when multiplied by millions of people. In the video posted on dr soap's official youtube channel titled What We Save Now, Will Save Us Later | dr soap® Heals Earth, Nadine Alexandra, an actress who is also an environmentalist, explained that we should not strive for perfection. Instead, we have to keep making a consistent effort, no matter how small, because that is what matters the most. 

Recognizing the serious need to reduce new plastic waste, they also want to do their part to lead with innovative solutions by creating a program called 'Return & Earn'. Where consumers can return their empty bottles and are rewarded with vouchers or merchandise. They believe these small actions will create a more sustainable world, by also involving the consumers as part of the movement. To learn more about the campaign and the company you can visit their official website or follow their Instagram for more information about the product and the campaign.