The fashion industry has become a useful tool and a fun way for people to express their identity. However, itís also considered a great threat to the environment. This is when sustainable fashion took its place in the marketplace. Whether you are a fashion student, professional or a person who wants to understand more about this world, in this article, youíll learn some basic steps to get into eco-friendly fashion.

Sustainable Fashion Matters

People are becoming aware of the damage to the conventional fashion industry, therefore they started looking for sustainable ways to dress fashionably. Luckily, the sustainable fashion world is growing fast so there are many options available to join this movement. Nevertheless, there is still confusion in relation to eco-friendly fashion. Itís not about dressing green or putting on some leaves, it has actually become a movement where fashion companies are changing towards greater ecological integrity. Letís remember that the apparel and footwear industry take up a lot of natural sources and produce almost 10 percent of greenhouse gas emission in the world. However, fashion is worth billions so itís no wonder large companies are coming up with creative and sustainable ideas as more people want to stop the climate crisis.

Get into the Sustainable Fashion World Today

Donít worry, you donít have to be an expert in the green industry to understand how eco-fashion works. Here you have some simple steps to get into a sustainable fashion:†

1. Do your research

Fortunately, you are already doing this step if you are reading this. Searching for fair fashion is a crucial element to join this industry. In fact, itís just about keeping up with the news and sustainable products every day. This will help you determine how you want to use eco-fashion in your life. Moreover, it is essential you stay connected with the world, hence, use social media to find the worldís most environment-friendly events. Make a list of organic fashion brands: for example, Nike just launched low carbon footprint sneakers and Luxtra is working on vegan mango leather handbags.

2. Choose transparency

The best way to change a conventional fashion brand is from the inside. In other words, you need to be able to identify a potentially harmful brand from a sustainable one. For example, a clothing business that offers inexpensive products, but it doesnít mention anything about environmental policies is very likely to be a harmful brand. Nowadays, you can find undergraduate and non-degree programs for those who want to specialize in sustainable fashion and learn to create their own products.

3. Buy second-hand clothes

Many people believe wearing second-hand clothes means being out-of-fashion. However, if you take into account that most materials are not exactly biodegradable, you'll understand why visiting a thrift shop can help save the planet. Don't worry, you can still look trendy and eco-friendly when buying this type of clothes. Remember that large companies will continue to produce new collections as long as the population demands it. Hence, second-hand products are a great option to get into sustainable fashion.

4. Look for sustainable materials

Whether you want to start your own label or become a sustainable fashion customer, you definitely have to avoid certain types of materials. Stop using products that have leather or fur. These materials usually go through worse chemical treatments than other products which makes them even more dangerous for the environment. Use vegan leather instead. Furthermore, choose recycled materials and products that have natural fibers.

Photo by†Atikh Bana†on†Unsplash